Can't get rid of web pages - even got 5 tractors

  gloombucket 16:06 06 Mar 2010

I've got Vista, Internet Explorer 8 and Google Desktop (but not google toolbar).

My offline searches have been producing more and more irrelevent results, so I thought I'd see how many tractors I have on my hard drive and there are five. They aren't random, for instance one tractor is on a web page relating to the programming language Python, which I browsed to last year.

I've tried a few things like deleting web history, not saving web history while also saving for zero days, not filling in forms automatically and cleaning the hard drive. This morning I deleted everthing from some google folders on my PC (History and cache I think), with no effect.

Right now the history panel shows only 3 sites including this one, but google desktop searches still show plenty of web pages.

Google's site seems to say that it's browsers which hang on to history and nothing to do with them.

I can delete things one at a time when the search results come up in Explorer with a 'Google Desktop' heading. However I don't know if they've gone from the hard drive or if the search stops reporting them.

Anyway I could probably spend the rest of my life thinking of odd words to search for offline and ticking and clicking to make it go away.

Any ideas, apart from getting a bigger hard drive?

  GaT7 16:29 06 Mar 2010

If you have a Google account, it may have something to do with Google's Web History click here.

"....but google desktop searches still show plenty of web pages."

That's probably because it's searching the Web as you type & automatically offering choices.

What are 'tractors' btw? And why do you thing you need a bigger hard drive? G

  BT 16:31 06 Mar 2010

You could try CCleaner. Set it up to delete whatever you need and run it daily.

  lotvic 22:49 06 Mar 2010

Why don't you choose which folders you want to search in?

refine desktop searches in Microsoft Windows Vista click here

  lotvic 22:53 06 Mar 2010

and click here Ways to Search for Files and Documents in Windows Vista

  gloombucket 02:54 07 Mar 2010

Thanks for those.

About tractors, it's just that obscure search terms still get pages when I search offline, therefore my hard drive must be filling up with junk. I also get a page for "platypus", two for "spoons" but so far nothing for "Simon Stylites".

I use TheSearchMan to find files in specific folders, I haven't found a good way to find text in only specific folders, but I'm more concerned that my PC never forgets a web page no matter how many times I clear internet history, and an awful lot of things on my hard drive come up as 'cached' in a google desktop search which I think means they are stored twice.

I don't want to run out of space on my hard drive due to it getting full of junk.

I've turned off an option for enhanced content in google desktop which might help, if only because I've turned a few things off and now it won't load. But that won't clear out the junk I've already got. I'll look into CCleaner.

  gloombucket 03:31 07 Mar 2010

CCleaner has cleaned up all the C. It found over 2,000 internet files and plenty of other C. My hard drive is now devoid of tractors, platypus free and entirely spoonless. Thanks BT.

  bazt 19:15 07 Mar 2010

Go to Control panel
Internet options
Untick aall boxes
Then apply
This will stop the puter remembering.

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