Can't get rid of malware on PC

  AroundAgain 13:04 14 Aug 2013

Hi guys

Windows 7 Home Premium Avast! Malwarebytes & Spybot when required

Yes, here again and needing your help, please ...

Further to my post here of a few days ago, although I thought my problem was solved, it seems it's not, although the PC doesn't seem to behave strangely now.

However, I keep scanning with both Malwarebytes and Spybot 2, reboot and try again but, each time, it comes up with malware. I can't believe this is normal so are the results dubious or is something re-infecting my PC all the time / on boot up?

I would rather not have to re-format as it takes so long to set it up with the extra software downloads - and I'm also afraid I'll just re-infect anyway.

So, I would, again, appreciate your help, advice, suggestions etc.


  wee eddie 13:53 14 Aug 2013

First: what is the Malware flagged up? Check Google, just in case it's a false positive.

Just check the way you are using Malwarebytes and Spybot, to remove the malware. Last time, I closed down Spybot without completing the Quarantine routine properly.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:54 14 Aug 2013

It does sound like the malware is returning shortly after being removed.

Because most malware infections aren't active in Windows's "Safe Mode", you stand a much better chance of a complete eradication. Firstly, update your security programs then restart the computer and boot into the "Safe Mode" environment - here's how. Don't worry that icons and text looks larger in that mode as it's all quite normal. When you've finished scanning and removing, restart your computer normally.

  AroundAgain 14:22 14 Aug 2013

Thanks very much

Wee Eddie - there are far too many to check them all out - would take me weeks if constantly at it, I think ;) Thanks for your suggestion, though. I hadn't thought of doing that. It would have been quite feasible if only a few

Secret-Squirrel - I haven't scanned in Safe Mode so I'll do that right now and post back. Thanks very much

... will be back, as soon as ...


  wee eddie 15:23 14 Aug 2013

Time for CCleaner I think

  Press Man 15:25 14 Aug 2013

If and when you are confident that all malware has been removed, delete all your "restore points" as, I belive, that they will still contain the malware?

  AroundAgain 15:59 14 Aug 2013


I've now done a scan with Spybot again via Safe Mode, rebooted, then rescanned and, although a lot less, there are still 9 'infections', if that is what they are.

I've done a screen shot of the results, hoping they may mean something to you. Click Here

Thanks, Pressman, for suggesting CCleaner. I've never used it before and have heard you need to be careful re setting it up in the first place. Would you be able to 'guide' me through the installation bit where I'd have to do this, please, if it comes to that?

Again, I've very grateful for all your help. Thanks

  iscanut 16:25 14 Aug 2013

I am no expert but I can only see tracking cookies and all low threat and I would not be concerned. Anyone else agree ?

  wee eddie 16:27 14 Aug 2013

Simples: Go to CCleaner and download the Free version. Allow it to Update itself and run the Basic Cleaner. The only thing that the basic settings will annoy you with is that you will have to re-enter all your Passwords.

Other parts can be examined at a later date. It is very safe and you don't usually need to run it in Safe Mode

1]: [click here

  Secret-Squirrel 17:47 14 Aug 2013

"but I can only see tracking cookies and all low threat and I would not be concerned. Anyone else agree ?"

Although the screengrab is a tad small and difficult to read, I can't see anything worrying there either. It would be helpful if AroundAgain posted a higher resolution screengrab from SpyBot and Malwarebytes for us to look at and hopefully we'll be able to put his/her mind at ease.

By the way, CCleaner isn't actually a malware removal tool so I'm not sure why it's being suggested.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:01 14 Aug 2013

ccleaner will clear the cache of all Those browser cookies

you can set cclener to keep the cookies associated with passwords for your. favourite sites.

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