Cant Get Past iGoogle. Want To Get To Google.

  Legslip 10:53 18 Jun 2012

Using Yahoo as my home page but want to use Everytime I enter Google into the search bar it takes me to iGoogle and asks me to register. Any way of stopping this and getting to Google?

  birdface 11:15 18 Jun 2012

Paste this into the address bar. then make it your home page.

  john bunyan 11:20 18 Jun 2012

In W7, IE9. Just right click main address at top next to blue arrows. Delete. Type in, Enter. Then the home page for Google should appear. Then Go to Tools (cog symbol top right)/Internet Options.In Home page section press "use current". Google should then appear as your home page. Pleas state browser and OS if different.

  rdave13 11:41 18 Jun 2012

Wonder if this is to do with that 'mysearch'. Check in internet options, under the security tab,and check the restricted sites to see if anything there. You can also set all security zones to default.

  Legslip 16:58 18 Jun 2012

Have typed into the address bar but iGoogle still appears and have also gone into Tools/ Int Options/General/ Home Page, typed in but b....y iGoogle still appears. Using XP & Int Xpl 8.

  lotvic 17:59 18 Jun 2012

At the bottom left of the iGoogle page there should be a clickable link for:

Classic Home

That will take you to the ordinary Google then you can set it as your home page.

  Legslip 23:39 18 Jun 2012

Evenin all. Sorry it's a bit late but been offline allday & just off to bed. Still can't get beyond registering for iGoogle. I have reinstalled IE8 but if I put http:\ into the address bar i still get

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  rdave13 09:02 19 Jun 2012

Try this link

It's not Google UK though. Still think it's a security setting somewhere blocking Google UK.

  Legslip 12:45 19 Jun 2012

Drove me mad. Had to create a google account (that I didn't want and eventually got into the iGoogle screen. Then used lotvics advice and clicked Classic Home. Eventually got back to the standard Google page without the crud. Thanks one and all for your support.

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