cant get to download fully.

  laptopdunce 17:58 12 Oct 2012

I am reloading programmes on an Asus laptop with IE9, windows vista with new SP2 loaded, but when I try to download from a reliable source (filehippo) it starts the download and then just sticks at about 3/4 of the way through and the green bar on the download meter just stays there for at least 20 mins, the stop icon X in the top right hand corner of the page is not highlighted and I cant click it off, what can be wrong here? I am also having problems with installing the CD rom for my Epson scanner, in that case it downloads all the parts (Epson photo print, epson copy utility, epson smart panel and Epson Twain 5) which show up in the programme lsit in Start menu but when I try and open any of the options with the scanner connected it says that the driver from the scanner is not present, and when I click the download printer link it tries to download the driver specidic to the 32bit Vista SP2 system but then brings up a window (ages later) saying that driver not installed properly, its just a vicious circle all the time. The programme and the Epson scanner was installed OK before I recovered this laptop from the recovery disks, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 18:36 12 Oct 2012

PS: I have just noticed that HAS in fact installed properly, though it has taken 27 minutes to install, just re-starting the computer and will do a test photo re-touch on it and see if it works OK...... YES, it does, just now reloading yahoo msgr 11.5 and see how that goes, so the problem now if for the Epson Scanner, what you recommend?? uninstall all the Epson programmes or what?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 19:40 12 Oct 2012

It would help if when you are explaining the problems (your first post) you made the proper distinction between:

  1. downloading a file from the internet and saving it to your Downloads Folder

  2. clicking on the download link of a file from the internet and choosing to Run (install instead of saving to Downloads Folder)

  3. installing a program from your Downloads Folder on your pc/laptop

  4. installing a program from a CD or DVD

Scanners and printers have a set routine order to install and when to power up and attach plug in the usb to pc, did you follow the correct order as per Epson's instructions?

  laptopdunce 20:06 12 Oct 2012

OK, No, I didnt know about when to connect the Epson scanner, the other problem with the programme seems to have remedied itself, even though it took 27 minutes for it to finally install (from a download link on file hipppo). So its basically now just the Epson scanner problem, should I uninstall all the parts of the programme that have installed from the CD rom? (Epson photoprint, epson installer, epson smart panel and epson Twain 5) from the programmes in control panel and start again? I did have a quick start sheet with this scanner but I cant find it now, Its an Epson Perfection 1260 scanner and I have the original CD rom for it but cant find the quick start-up sheet anywhere. I will have a look in my docs folder on another laptop and see if its in there. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 21:10 12 Oct 2012

WOW!! I have found the quick-install guide in a file on my other lapetop and followed it carefully and lo and behold it has installed fine on my other laptop!! GREAT!! Now what should I do with the other laptop which failed its installation? should I just try the CD rom again (even though there are still programmes from the CD rom installed in the programmes list) or should I uninstall those Epson programmes before I try the CD rom again in that computer? dont want to make a mess of it! that computer is a Vista one and its just installed OK on the XP computer. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  rdave13 23:41 12 Oct 2012

I would uninstall the Epsom programs via programs and features. Reboot and run Ccleaner's reg cleaner and reboot again. Make sure the scanner is disconnected when you do this.

Insert the scanner's cd driver and load, connect the USB from the Epson and switch on when asked. See if that helps. PS, as to your other posts I would still check Microsoft Updates in case you're still not up to speed, as it were.

  laptopdunce 07:13 13 Oct 2012

thanks I will try that later today when I have more time (these horrible computers eat all your free time!!!) I will have to install Ccleaner on the vista laptop as I dont have it yet, it has been updating with LOADS and LOADS of updates since I "recovered" it all from the recovery disks. I seem to remember having this trouble with the other laptop and since recovering that laptop to factory settings and re-installing everything, that is the computer that loaded the Epson scanner perfectly last night., so there cant be anything wrong with the Epson CD rom. I HATE computers!! LAPTOPDUNCE

  rdave13 10:30 13 Oct 2012

I HATE computers!, a two minute job becomes a couple of days battle lol.

Seriously, though, have you thought of getting an external drive, an imaging/cloning program and creating images of your systems? I image once a month (got a bit lazy) after Microsoft updates usually. If my system goes belly up then I can restore from an image within a short time. That means none of the reinstalling or updating malarkey. Worth checking out.

  laptopdunce 12:12 13 Oct 2012

Yes, I only really use these computers in the UK only twice a month, they are hardly used and I dont do downloads of movies or music or anything like that so its really very minimal email stuff and online ebay purchases etc., and some fotos and documents storage, this is why it takes AGES for all the updates after they have been off for weeks on end. I have just deleted all the parts of the Epson CD rom programmes and have installed the Ccleaner and I will run the Registery cleaner now and then try the CD rom again, I had ALOT of trouble with the other laptop (the Acer XP laptop) when I made a mess of installing the CD rom for the first time, it took at total recovery of that laptop with the factory recovery disks before the Epson CD rom installed properly. this is why I HATE computers, they are FAR TOO COMPLICATED, I am not stupid but my nickname says it all really!! will let you know know I get on LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 13:40 13 Oct 2012

HURRAH!!! I have FINALLY got it all installed on the Asus laptop, in a kind of weird disjointed way, even when the actual CD rom loaded it took literally 27 minutes again before it loaded all the Epson 1260 parts, then when i plugged the Scanner in AGAIN it said there was no driver for the scanner and to put the CD rom in again, then it said there was no driver on the CD rom (which is rubbish as it only loaded to the XP laptop last night) anyway I went on-line to the epson site and downloaded an epson twain driver for this 1260 model on a 32bit vista OS computer, it took ages and after 7 minutes brought up a window saying that windows couldnt verify the authenticity of the site from which the file would be coming (I mean, the authentic Epson site for gods sake???) then I clicked on download anyway and it DID download it successfully, on re-connecting the scanner it HAS scanned a photograph and I can store it in a folder in Photos folder, so in a long drawn out and not straightforward way (in comparison to the simple, as shown on Epson quick install page) the scanner is now installed on the Vista laptop!!! Thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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