Can't get out of PIO mode on secondary channel

  Ian in Northampton 13:16 01 Mar 2010

Basic problem is, stuttering playback on audio and video on both my DVD drives.

It turns out, one of three secondary IDE channels is set to PIO mode (it seems XP puts a channel in PIO mode automatically once the channel has had ‘n’ errors), and nothing I’ve done – including uninstalling all three secondary IDE channels and reinstalling them, applying some recommended registry hacks and even a clean XP install – have not fixed the problem.

I’m seriously considering replacing both drives, but I’d rather avoid spending £60 when it could be down to the motherboard IDE controller, the drivers, the cables, the registry – or the drives.

Anyone have any ideas?

  Ian in Northampton 09:28 03 Mar 2010

Buteman, thanks. It's interesting you would follow that line of enquiry. One of the first things I did when the sound/video went 'wonky' was to uninstall Roxio and iTunes. I recalled, when I'd installed iTunes, that I got some weird message telling me that the iTunes CD/DVD writer drivers conflicted with writer drivers that had previously been installed, and that I needed to uninstall them. I reinstalled iTunes first, then Roxio, but that didn't solve the problem. I'll certainly take a look at that link, see if it gives me some new ideas. Thanks!

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