Cant get online with Windows 2000

  Kathleen-199797 16:57 17 May 2004

I have done something to my PC. I cannot find my connection on my PC it keeps coming up with Error 711. I can dial up to AOL but it just times out when i look for my AOL adapter its not showing and i cannot configure a new connection through Wizard as it keeps asking me if i want to exit I reply "NO" but the message keeps appearing. I did have networking set up with my PC and Laptop and erased it because it was not satisfactory. Anyone got any ideas

  vinnyo123 19:44 17 May 2004

funny thing I just ran into the problem Last night. I tried loading AOL on laptop that is also connected to my LAN through ETHERENT and have the same exact thing happening.Unfortuanitly I havent had time to play with this.I am going to try to load AOL from the CD and start over.Seems like AOL adapetr is corrupted so gonna start there.Also seems like it wasn't detected modem.I'll chech back if I get the solution..

  vinnyo123 21:56 17 May 2004

Yes had some time to test it .It turns out to be the good ole WINSOCK folder that is currupt.This is a TCP/IP folder which is needed to talk to web servers on dial up.Its sort of works like a DNS.I am going to try to repair this folder by add -remove network components in control panel add-reemove.It sounds like you have same problem.

  Kathleen-199797 22:39 17 May 2004

I have tried adding network components but when wizard gets part way through the message appears c"do you want to exit" and will then go no further

  vinnyo123 00:12 18 May 2004

click here;en-us;811259&Product=winxp

long road ahead of us .... I yeilded for now lol!!

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