Can't get new mobo to post

  septic 13:04 22 May 2005

purchased new bundle - mobo = MSI KT4A-V with Sempron CPU. Could not get it to post or even error beep. Had power to board, fan was turning but screen remained blank. Reset CMOS and tried again (I running with mobo, cpu, memory, graphics(tried several) only. Returned to shop who found a fault with the memory and returned after 4 weeks. Received it back with report that memory had been replaced and system ran for 3hrs. Put it all into the case and there was no change. I'm no novice to self builds and have done many. It's the fact that I'm getting no error beeps that's annoying me. Nothing in manual and can't find anything on MSI website.


  Eric10 14:05 22 May 2005

If I understand you correctly you are saying that it was working when everything was plugged together out of the case but stopped working when you put it into the case. Could it be that there is a mounting pillar in the wrong place or some other obstruction causing a short circuit to the motherboard? Try removing from the case and see if it starts working again.

  ayrmail 14:26 22 May 2005

See this has a separate power supply for the CPU is this connected.

  septic 15:53 22 May 2005

Good point Eric10, but no the motherboard has never worked and I have checked mounts and isolated the board from the case (the normal result of grounding is short fan spin then dead) . Not sure what you mean Ayrmail, I have a sempron cpu which works with A socket boards which do not have, like the P4 its own CPU supply. Is there something I've missed?

Thanks Both

  Fingees 17:26 22 May 2005

Out of interest, I have a socket A board running Athlon 3000xp.It ran ok on original board without seperate power.
However my new MB uses a seperate power input, as i found out when I first built it and it failed to work.I took it to a computer place to have it checked.

Result. had to buy power supply wih special plug to go into the MB to feed the CU.
I would double check. Its a small square four pin socket
All the best

  ayrmail 09:15 23 May 2005

click here
Only reason I new when I built my second PC I had ordered the appropriate psu for the board and it had this like you I thought they where only for Intel processor's but why would you have that on a socket a board if it wasn't for that processor? By the way I never ran it with it unplugged so I wouldn't know if it worked with out it plugged in!

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