can't get new computer to connect to wireless n/w

  river_boat 15:49 21 Dec 2005

I've just bought a new computer (running windows xp), and am having trouble getting it to connect to my existing wireless network at home.

I have two other computers already on the network, which are both working normally.

At first the new computer told me that it couldn't connect to the available wireless network because it didn't have a network address. I therefore assigned it an IP address (the same as the one on my main computer, but with a different last digit) and gave it the same subnet mask, default gateway and DNS info as said main computer (Subnet mask:
Default gateway:

After this, it connected to the network and it has excellent signal strength etc etc. However, IE simply brings up a "page cannot be displayed" message no matter what web address I try.

When I try to ping the default gateway, each attempt always results in a failure. Obviously I know this is a problem, but I don't know what to do about it...the other computer has no problems with this gateway - and the 3rd computer on the network obtains its info automatically and since it never had any problems with that (unlike the new one) I left it that way.

I've disabled firewalls, which hasn't made any difference.

I've googled til I can google no more...can anyone give me some suggestions as to what I might need to do here?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:37 21 Dec 2005

HAve you run the wireless network setup on the main PC to create a setup disk then used the disc on the new pC?

  river_boat 16:39 21 Dec 2005

No, I haven't...I assumed I didn't need to do anything like that, seeing as I never had to do it to get the 3rd computer on the network to connect.

How would I go about doing that?

  ade.h 16:45 21 Dec 2005

Just go through the wizard and make a setup disk when prompted.

You actually won't be making a setup disk, just placing a file on removable media. It won't accept CD/DVD media for some reason, so use a USB key.

I have found that to be the most reliable way of setting up a network, so far.

  Woolwell 16:59 21 Dec 2005

Have you checked your IE connection settings?

  river_boat 17:05 21 Dec 2005

Don't know if I'm being incredibly thick, but I can't see an obvious way to create a setup disk...only wizards I can see are for setting up a new internet connection, which I don't want to do for on the working computer for fear of overwriting current settings...

I have indeed checked my IE connection settings and can't see anything wrong with them.

  Woolwell 17:19 21 Dec 2005

The wizard that is referred to is found in "My Network Places" and you can also find it through the Control Panel. I didn't need to make a setup disc. You've probably done this but make sure that the Windows Firewall is turned off.

  ade.h 17:29 21 Dec 2005

The New Network Wizard is the one that creates a setup disk, and you can safely run it more that once. Running it again and entering all the right details is advice that I have been given when a network fails to work properly.

It would also be wise to have a look at ipconfig if you haven't already, to find what IPs are wrong or missing altogether.

  river_boat 18:13 21 Dec 2005

"It would also be wise to have a look at ipconfig if you haven't already, to find what IPs are wrong or missing altogether."

Could you confirm what you mean by this?

Pinging either the default gateway, or the other computers on the network always results in failures.

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