can't get my pc case open (pics)

  greenbean5 17:29 22 Jan 2012

hi all. new to this forum.

i'm currently on day three - trying to get my pc to work. the os is up and running (98se)

but i don't know what make the graphics card is... so i haven't been able to get the right drivers..

i also can't get on the internet as i don't have drivers for the ethernet.

so i've been left with trying to get a visual confirmation of the graphics card or if intergrated - the motherboard..? but this thing is the fort knox of computers.. could someone please explain how to open it?

this is on the left side:[email protected]/6743084387/in/photostream

this 'lock' is also on the left side[email protected]/6743084405/in/photostream

here's the lower back of the computer[email protected]/6743084517/in/photostream

and the upper back[email protected]/6743084435/in/photostream

i'm really doing my nut in over this.. : all i want to do is play warhammer 40k: chaos gate. ;-( i'm now 60 pounds down... - three times what i payed for it 14 years ago hehehhe

much thanks Green

  greenbean5 17:32 22 Jan 2012

^sorry i forgot to mention... -> it's an IBM case.


  sharpamat 17:49 22 Jan 2012

Looking at the pics its not very clear but does seem simular to one I had from BYT computers years ago. On that after undowing all the catches and top screws on the back. The top slid back ( will be tight ) the sides were held by the top then the sides can be dropped down

  KRONOS the First 18:15 22 Jan 2012

The GPU is not integrated as you have a DVI port at the back,below the I/O sheild.As has already been said the pictures are a bit shy on detail but I se you still have a screw in the lower left corner and I think that once removed the top and sides will slide towards the back.

You could always download and run this:SIW, this will tell you what components you have luring in that ancient case.

  greenbean5 18:42 29 Jan 2012

hi. thanks for the replies.

i haven't managed to get the case open yet, but i've downloaded belarc advisor and run it. unfortunately it hasn't told me much about the graphics card. is there any way of working out the graphics card from the rest of the scan results??

Here's the Scan: (most of it))

120Gb Hd

SYSTEM MODEL IBM 6229 40g IBM Corporation System serial number: 551160N

PROCESSOR 2.65 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 8 kilobyte primary memory cache 412 kilobyte senodary memory cache Not Hyper threaded

MAIN CIRCUIT BOARD Board: Intel corporation D850EMV2 Serial Number; IMMV23802286 BUS CLOCK:133 MEGAHERT` BIOS: INTEL CORP MV85010A.86A.0041.F17.0208 261714 08/26/2002

DISPLAY standard PCI Graphics Adapter
(VGA) [display adapter]

Dell SE197fp [monitor] 19.311vts........ ... . ...........x.................x............x........

- -

if not i guess i'll just have to find some way to prize it open. stupid case. -_-

thanks alot. Bean

  Woolwell 22:55 29 Jan 2012

Unscrew and remove the 3 screws on the left looking from the back and then slide the left side back.

  [email protected] 00:51 30 Jan 2012

I've never used SIW, but if there's any info that you can't find from it then it may be worth running Everest - it is very thorough. Everest is no longer free, but seeing as your computer is old, the link I've provided is the last free edition that was released (2005) and I'd expect will still be up to date enough for your PC.

  KRONOS the First 06:09 30 Jan 2012

[email protected] he did not use SIW but rather the less detailed Belarc.

Is this your rather ancient PC? Or the specs anyway though it does not help with the GPU details. IBM 6229.

  greenbean5 14:34 30 Jan 2012

hi guys. thanks so much for the help.

:in the end i had to bring two screwdrivers and a bad attitude to the 'lock' on the side. and finally, i've cracked open the case!!! whoop.

i've found the graphics card. - I believe it's in the AGP slot, which is odd for the relic that it is...?

and the serial code is: FRU 25p6691 209
i searched it online: (minus the 209 at the end)

and i've found this: IBM 25P6691 FRU Matrox Millenium G450 DVI video .

is that ^ the one? could it be? or did omitting 209 from the search give me the wrong card?

i'm getting excited now. hopefully getting close.

much thanks

  greenbean5 14:41 30 Jan 2012

^ if that is the one... where do you go to download drivers.?

the IBM site only has a 'automatic driver update software' which you need the internet to use...

seriously, much thanks.

all the best
bean x

  KRONOS the First 16:11 30 Jan 2012

Thats the card.Is this it? GPU.

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