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Can't get my new graphics card to work

  dagbladet 10:59 01 Jan 2006

Just purchased a new card which i'm struggling to get to work properly. The pc continually freezes and I can't seem to get the drivers to load properly. My mobo is this click here

My new card is this click here

AMD 2600+ running XP pro sp2.

I tried removing old drivers, restarting, swapping cards, re-boot, load new drivers, re-boot, but am constantly getting freezes, greyed out screens, and what is probably a BSOD, but it's hard to tell with all the greyed outness.

Any help appreciated, especially by daughter who is desperate to play her games.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:04 01 Jan 2006

In the BIOS there is likely to be an option to disable onboard graphics and view graphics from the AGP slot. Have you had a look?

  dagbladet 11:06 01 Jan 2006

No, but the previous card was also AGP. Would this already be set?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:20 01 Jan 2006

TV Encoder Interface

* Multiplexed with AGP Interface.
* Clock Speeds Up to 80 MHz in Slave Mode.
* Supports 12-bit Single Clock with Dual Edge.

DVI Interface

* Multiplexed with AGP Interface.
* Clock Speeds Up to Full DVI Spec. of 165 MHz.
* Simultaneous Display with CRT.

Both Nvdia, looks like a conflict problem with the ATI drivers of your new card.

Can you uninstall driver or disable in BIOS for the above and retry your card.

  dagbladet 11:28 01 Jan 2006


I've checked the BIOS. under 'initial graphics' I have a choice of - PCI (which was selected) or onboard/AGP which I have now selected but as I write it has frozen on the welcome screen.

BTW i'm working on wifes wireless laptop.

Fruit bat what is it in the BIOS that I should try to disable.

  dagbladet 11:39 01 Jan 2006


  dagbladet 12:48 01 Jan 2006

Thanks DieSse, it would seem that the great god of ilogicalness is at work this morning. After yet another attempt to load the Catalyst software, I got a 'SEVERE' display error, followed by software loading process terminated. After re-booting the machine the graphics card is sort of working. In the properties I have two cards listed 'radeon 9550' and 'radeon 9550 secondary'. I've no idea where the secondary comes from, also in the disply properties I appear to have two monitors, while in reality I have only one. I suppose if it works then i should just leave it all alone. Thanks folks.

  dagbladet 12:50 01 Jan 2006


Yes i downloaded the Catalyst 5.13 drivers.

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