cant get on msn messenger

  dek26 16:28 02 Sep 2003

when i try 2 go on msn messenger it says it cant sign me on bcos im behind a firewall and when i disable the firewall it still says im behind it it tells me 2 go2 ie properties and then connections tab then lan settings but when i get there i dont know wot im spose 2 change the settings 2 i have a dial up and dont know wot settings 2 put it on i havent changed it at all and msn messenger worked fine yesterday but 2day theres nuthin can any1 help plz its *[email protected]:in me off now.

  nobrain 16:39 02 Sep 2003

I cant get into Hotmail either! been on it early this morning but not been working for hours now .

  goalmachine 16:42 02 Sep 2003

same here - just posted a similar query....

  dek26 16:45 02 Sep 2003

is it sayin ur behind a firewall aswell?

  nobrain 16:49 02 Sep 2003

No.just wont bring the page up ,i try to sign in the little guys on the task bar and wont sign in there either.

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