Can't get Mozilla Thunderbird to send mail

  Bargee 17:55 13 Nov 2004


Just installed Mozilla Thunderbird as my default email, but it will not allow me to send mail.

I've read the posting on this subject & checked out the suggestions, but they seem to bear no resemblance to my copy of Thunderbird which admittedly I only downloaded & installed yesterday.
For example, I can't find the "Use Name & Password" setting anywhere. This would seem to be where the problem lies as I'm getting the following message:

"The mail server responded: Administrative Prohibition. Please verify that your email address is correct in your Mail Preferences & try again."

I can't find Mail Preferences either.

I'm seriously starting to feel thick! Help.


  uisge dorch 18:02 13 Nov 2004

Thunderbird is configured in Tools - Account Settings and Options.

  Dorsai 18:48 13 Nov 2004

Thunderbird has two sets of settings. One set for the retrieval of mail, (from multiple e-mail addresses, if you want/have).

The second setting is for sending mail. You pick ONE (you can set up more than one, but this causes problems, so t'bird says) e-mail address, and use this to send mail from. i think this has to be one of the address you are retrieving mail from.

to set up sending of mail.

tools menu, account setting option, and at the bottom of the resulting window there is an 'outgoing server SMTP' option. in this enter one of the e-mail addresses you have set up to get mail for. all you outgoing mail is sent via this address.

Hope this helps.

  Bargee 08:55 14 Nov 2004

That I can't have multiple email accounts?

I should say that I use Mailwasher Pro & Benign to filter spam.

As I said , I'm feeling some what thick & now I seem to be getting thicker! If I send ALL my mail through my default mail server, what happens at the recipient's end? For example, my wife emails her friend using her email account sent through my default mail server. When her friend receives it, will it appear to have originated from my default mail account?

I also have a business email account on the system.

Ahhh! I could set it all up, send a "wife" email to the business email & see what happens!

I'll let you know.

  Dorsai 09:01 14 Nov 2004

T'Bird says you can set up more than one send address. but says

"Altough you can spesify more than one outgoing server (smtp), this is recomended for advanced users. setting up multiple SMTP servers can cause errors when sending messages."

So it can be done, but you need to know what you are doing to get it to work. I have not tried, and so dont know how to do it and get it to work.

But for the reasons you give, it needs to be able to do it. I just dont know how to.

  Dorsai 09:48 14 Nov 2004

Have you managed to send anything yet?

I have just tried to set up a second outgoing/smtp server address, and have mailed my other address from it.

it worked fine.

When you go to send a new message the write message box has at the top a drop down menu, and from there you pick the address that the mail will be shown as 'from' when the recipient gets the message.

It would seem that when you 'reply' to a mail, it automatically picks the address the mail was sent TO as the one to use to send the reply from. But i guess this only works if the address is set up as a 'send' address.

So if your PC gets a message to 'work @ home', and you reply, the reply will be sent from 'work @ home', by default, as long as 'work @ home' is one of the outgoing servers set-up.

If you need an external mail 'test' address, mail me using the envelope, and i will reply, and you can then try and t'bird a mail to me.

  Bargee 10:50 14 Nov 2004

Sorry, been doing Sunday Husbandy things since posting, so have yet to try altering or testing anything yet.

I'll get down to it as soon as poss, but it might not be until later.

When I do, I'll definately try to send mail to you Dorsai.

Get to you later.

  Bargee 17:03 14 Nov 2004

I'm returning to Outlook Express for the time being.

I checked out the release notes at click here which clearly states that only 1 SMTP server should be used. You'll find it under "Known Issues". I also checked out the support forums & the same message comes across.

I'm not going to rubbish Thunderbird, it is clearly designed to operate by sending mail on 1 SMTP server only, which covers nearly all home users. After all it is a freebie created by dedicated writers for the benefit of others. More power to them. Just because I use more than 1 SMTP server, its not their problem, its mine.

It is possible to configure more than 1, but you do need to know what you're doing & I don't feel I have enough nouse to do it without heading down Cock Up Road & getting stuck in S**t Cul-de-Sac.

I will be keeping a very close eye on future versions in the hope that it may become possible for me to use it.

Thanks everyone for your input.


  JayDay 18:45 14 Nov 2004

You only need one smtp server, even if using multiple email addresses. I didn't know this was possible until I moved to T/Bird.

I use Virgin, Plusnet and Yahoo email accounts but only use the Yahoo smtp server. I can send email from any of the accounts via this server. Don't ask me why it can. It just does.

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