can't get monitor to work

  superspark 20:53 03 Mar 2004

Can anyone please advise?
When I swich on my pc and monitor the pc comes on fine but the monitor switches on, then shows a message which says not connected then switches to standby.
I have opened the pc nad found the monitor is connected to a card marked Radion 64 which I assume is the graphics card.
I have taken this out then put back in and tried again.
This time it worked ok but the next time I switched on I got the same problem.
I have also tried it with another monitor but same problem.
Finally if this card is faulty will I be able to get another one easily or will I be able to use a different card and it work right away.

Hope someone can advise,
Thanks very much...

  byfordr 21:00 03 Mar 2004

Sounds like there is a dodgy connection. You could try some good old cable wiggling (on the premise its kaput anyway)this may fix the problem.

If not I would say that its quite a old card. So therefore you should be able to pick up a replacement cheaply (and possibly upgrade as well!)

If you post you pc specs people may be able to help a bit more.


  hugh-265156 21:02 03 Mar 2004

make sure the card is firmly in the slot,remove it and reinsert it a few times to get a good connection.

it does sound like the card is faulty though.

easy to replace get a cheap one if you dont wish to play games,spend a bit more if you do.

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