laptopdunce 09:31 03 Oct 2013

I have recently installed an old copy of office X pro + frontpage on my Sony Vaio laptop (I know its an old version but I do like it) and now I cant get I.E. (0r any other programme) to open, the home page comes up and yahoo IM opens up but when I click on any of my programmes and I.E or Google it will not open, I am currently only on-line with opening the laptop in safe mode with networking - I dont want to have to go through all the rigmarole of another "restore to factory settings" (which I have recently done due to another problem) but I particularly need the internet today so can only get into internet via safe mode+networking, Is it my installing of the old OfficeXP pro that could be causing this problem? I cant un-install it via the start menu in normal mode as I cant even open the start menu, if I click on it a little round icon keeps whirling round adinfinitum but nothing happens, but I am on internet fine in safe+netwrking, but my BBC radio wont play in safe mode, what can I do??? I am really sick to death of this bl**dy computer!! and its not a year old yet!! thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 10:12 03 Oct 2013

AFAIK Office XP Pro and especially Outlook 2002 (doesn't save passwords and any Outlook/Office integration) sort of work, if you can get it to install properly, but are not fully compatible with W7. I believe there are problems with the 'mini installer' that keeps popping up or running in background (something like that anyway).

  laptopdunce 13:55 03 Oct 2013

OK, thanks for that Lotvic, I guess I had better uninstall it? problem is that I cant uninstall it from the safemode with networking that I am using as a window with a big X on it says I cant uninstall it, and I cant seem to get into the start menu when I boot the computer to standard log-in - what can I do? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Woolwell 14:08 03 Oct 2013

System restore to the date before you installed Office. It is always a good idea to create a system restore point before installing a program.

  laptopdunce 15:07 03 Oct 2013

I havent done that yet since only doing the full factory settings restore only recently, does this mean I will have to restore it all to factory settings AGAIN?? is there not a way to uninstall this Word programme? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Woolwell 16:23 03 Oct 2013

Why don't you check to see if there is a system restore point. One may have been created automatically.

  laptopdunce 16:32 03 Oct 2013

Hi, I have just asked a new question about this, on the windows sytem restore page it DOES come up with the time and date (yesterday) when I installed the Office XP programme, and recommends to start from that point (not the custom option) so should I do this? in the "safe" mode? as I cant access the start menu in the normal log on mode? it does come up with a warning that if I start it running from this point when the last programme was installed, I cant cancel it, but will this get rid of the programme I installed? (I must throw the bl**dy disk away with that XP Office pro. programme on it!! - I did use it on my old Windows XP laptop to great effect but it has really messed up on this Sony Vaio windows 7 computer!! thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Woolwell 16:34 03 Oct 2013

Choose more dates and see if there is a point before that.

  laptopdunce 17:17 03 Oct 2013

Hi Woolwell, Sorry about posting another question in the same vein, didnt realise it would cloud matters, I have looked at that system restore page and when I click on the "recommended restore" option, it shows the last programme loaded which was the XP office programme, then I clicked on the "scan for affected programmes" and it did the scan, it came up with a window split in two halves, at the top it says "programme to be deleted - microsoft XP pro office, and then in the bottom half something about drivers and software to be restored, "these programmes might not work correctly after system restore" but in the box below it says "none detected". so it seems to me that if I let the restore point of the "recommended restore point" run, it will deleted the last installed programme (the microsoft XP PRO Office programme) and there are no other drivers/software that it has found whick will malfunction after the system restore? have I understood that correctly? I dont want to actually start the system restore until after 8 pm in 2 hours time as I need to have an internet connection to post my ebay stuff soon, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 17:28 03 Oct 2013

PS: forgot to mention, in the 1st half of the "system restore" box it actually says "progs & drivers that will be deleted" and in that box the XP pro Office programme, and in the box below about drivers and software that might be affected - "none found" - So this seems to confirm that doing the system restore from yesterdays date WILL delete the Office programme?? what do you think? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  woodchip 17:35 03 Oct 2013

It will still be on your Hard Drive if you look in Windows Explorer but it will Restore the Registry, so that your Laptop works as it should.

Running the Restore that It created when you loaded Office

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