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Can't get Google.Co.Uk to default ?

  Furkin 10:25 07 Aug 2016

Hi guys,

I had this within a previous cry for help, so it may have been missed by lots of readers.

Some weeks ago, I lost Google uk as my default browser. I now get Yahoo UK & Ireland. This also made me lose my usual Favourites/Menu column (which is what my previous message came under).
I have managed to copy a favourites list, but it isn’t my usual one.

I feel that if I get my usual Google uk back, I’ll also get my fave favourites back. Fruit Bat was good enough to try helping me, but I haven’t cured it.

I have been into Defaults and set Chrome as my default. I have been into Chrome > Settings > Google > Manage search engines, where I had a list of about 5 browsers. I managed to add Google UK, but it’s in the bottom pane (other search engines), so can’t select it as default.

Upon advice from F.B, I deleted all except I don’t use .Com,,,, I use

If I write in the yahoo engine, I do get a version of Google.

I have now realised that if I boot in as administrator, I do get Google,,,, ah, now I remember, I wanted to boot into admin for another reason. This is maybe where I caused this anomaly.

Should we always run things in Admin mode ?
Unfortunately, my Admin doesn’t include lots of things that my name mode does, and of course the thing needs putting right whichever I choose to use.

Any ideas please ?

  lotvic 10:40 07 Aug 2016

previous post for reference, click here

  lotvic 10:53 07 Aug 2016

You could try:

Look at the settings in Windows Control Panel > Language > and set it for English (United Kingdom) and at bottom left of that, Set location to United Kingdom.

Also in Chrome Settings > Show advanced settings > Language and input settings and add English (United Kingdom).

  Furkin 12:44 07 Aug 2016

Thanks guys,

We're almost there,,,,, at least I see now,,,, but am dashing off to hospital now.

Will catch up later, or in the morning.


  Furkin 09:30 09 Aug 2016

As I say, I’m almost there.

Whilst I do have Chrome on my taskbar, when I click it, I get another Chrome as well.

Whichever I click seems to work, although it not always comes up with what I call the ‘normal’ front page, where I write in the search box, and it stays in the centre until I press Enter.

Sometimes the front page comes up with the search field in the centre, but with a list of previous searches underneath. Also, as soon as I start writing in the search field, it moves to the top left of the page to be completed. This uses my chosen wallpaper.

I do now get the renamed menu bar, including Favourites, but it isn’t the list of favourites that was there until this anomaly.

I can – if I have to – put up with it, but I would like to sort out the duplicate Chromes.

I have tried unpinning it, rebooting & re pinning, to no avail.

Thanks for the help so far guys.

[IMG][click here]1


  Furkin 11:39 10 Aug 2016

I'll try again:-

Normal front page:

click here Normal front page: click here

Non cheers

  Furkin 11:42 10 Aug 2016

seems to be working, to a point !

also forgot to tick email box again.

Wasn't the tick default some time ago ? I don't recall having to tick every time in those days.

  Furkin 13:25 10 Aug 2016


That makes sense.

I looked in C.P > Programs & features, but see only one version there, dated 16/10/15.

Although I'd like to find out what caused this, I am willing, if I have to, to unistall and re-install Chrome. Is that appropriate, or will it cause other anomalies ?

  Furkin 22:11 11 Aug 2016

I went to try updateing Chrome, but it looks like I updated Win 10 !

Now the strange bit (to me anyway), when I click on Chrome in Start, or the list on the left, it comes up as normal.

If I pin either to the taskbar, and press,,,,, then I still get the duplicate.

As before, I can work with it if I have to, but I'd like to know whats occurring, in case it happens again, or to other programs (or 'apps' now i'm using win 10 !?)

Am asking a separate question aboutemail profiles in,.


  Furkin 10:10 12 Aug 2016


When I click on Chrome in either Start or the All Apps, although it only puts one version on the taskbar, it actually puts two versions on the screen - see top left of image:

also, seem to have lost smell-checker in PCA

click here


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