Can't get google

  [DELETED] 09:27 02 Oct 2003

For no apparent reason I can't get onto google?s web site or use its toolbar. Also MSN search doesn?t work either. Alltheweb works fine. I?ve tried emptying my Internet cache and running an up to date virus check. Is there a problem with the site or does anyone have any suggestions

  [DELETED] 09:48 02 Oct 2003

A few of us have had the same or similar problem of late which was due to the Stardownloader software for managing downloads.

If you have it on your system ununstall see if all is well with your search sites etc.

If you need stardownloader you could try the lastest version of the program.

  [DELETED] 10:06 02 Oct 2003

but i don't have stardownloader installed

  Stuartli 10:21 02 Oct 2003

Have you tried both and

  [DELETED] 10:36 02 Oct 2003

Yes - neither work

  [DELETED] 12:28 02 Oct 2003

Suggestions, if not your internet option settings.

Your computer could be running software that doesn't allow you to use Google or other search engines,likely was a program that may have been installed automatically (you may have been conned by a request).

Can you recollect any changes or noticed if google asked you to accept changes before the problem started?

Picked this up from others on search.

Same problem --- Cannot connect to Google or most other search engines. Finally this afternoon received a page (at click here) stating "Your computer is running software that doesn't allow you to use Google..." and that most likely a program was installed automatically.

They Gave instructions for editing my host file. I get the same message when trying to access altavista, yahoo search, lycos, teoma... Obviously I am not a computer technician--just a frustrated user!

Followed by,

This worked for me.

do a search on c:\ for the files named 'hosts'
for all(multiple)files named 'hosts' delete the "ip addresses" that are marked(deleting them all is fine)

To see if it worked open a command prompt(windows xp users only) and type,

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /displaydns

There should be no references to deleted ip addresses, if there is - either you missed a hosts file or something that I have not experienced has occured.

I have just run the same info from command prompt as below with no ill efects.

If running WINxp open command prompt via the start programs/accessories/command prompt.Paste and copy at the end of the command line show in box.

ipconfig /flushdns --------then press enter.

Repeat the same with --- ipconfig /displaydns which should show no references

may not be the cause of your troubles but as other sites work well,some change or somefile has been loaded onto your system which is giving you the aggro. good luck.

  [DELETED] 12:50 02 Oct 2003

Did the trick

One thing I would add is that the host files were 'hidden' so when you do the search you must select search hidden files and folders option

Thanks again

  [DELETED] 13:09 02 Oct 2003

There were several files found using Jims method.

The file causing me the grief was called hosts, 4kb in size, which was in my C:\Windows\help folder

  [DELETED] 13:31 02 Oct 2003

Thanks for the feedback,and your right

"host files were 'hidden"

My find or search was setup to include that stuation.Glad to see your back to norm.

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