Can't get a good scan copy.

  1936 14:35 11 Apr 2010

I have a Canoscan 8400F and this morning I scanned a section of a map rather like an O.S. map and it came out all right. I changed a setting and now the scan result looks washed out, weak and very anemic.
Could someone please tell me what I should set the scanner at to get the optimum result.

By the way, is there a scanner forum anywhere?

  lotvic 16:29 11 Apr 2010

This any help click here

  Pineman100 18:29 11 Apr 2010

Are you scanning a black-and-white, greyscale or colour map? And which have you set the scanner to scan in?

  1936 19:57 11 Apr 2010

Many thanks for your help but I'm not sure what the Web Page you sugested is meant to show. If it is the map then it is not the type of map that I am attempting to scan which shows local rivers and roads.

I have tried the following:
Selected source: Platen.
Colour: Scan mode, then Auto mode,then Colour magazine, then Multi scan.

The scanner is set at 300dpi.

  lotvic 20:10 11 Apr 2010

The link I posted was results of google search for:
Canoscan 8400F settings

The setting you altered - maybe you have it set it to 'draft' mode - which would explain why it looks washed out.

  1936 21:29 11 Apr 2010

The only settings that I can see when I click onto, "settings" are as follows:
Scanner. showing, " CanoScan 8400F.
Scan button: showing, "copy, print,mail, OCR,save, PDF,scan1, scan2 and show main window. I set it to Save.
There is a box to the right showing,the same and I left that at PDF.
The copy button shows the same and I left that at Copy.
I can see no draft mode.

  Technotiger 21:36 11 Apr 2010

Try turning off the Canoscan unsharp mask under the 'advanced' tab.

  lotvic 22:05 11 Apr 2010

Canoscan 8400F is a flatbed scanner, I presume you are scanning image and then sending to a separate printer to print out.

Is that correct? (or am I way off the mark)

I meant 'draft' mode on your printer.

  john bunyan 22:13 11 Apr 2010

I have the Canonscan 8800f. I will look at the settings tomorrow. I use the Advanced settings ; I use Photoshop CS4 to interface with the scanner, and vary the settings - for flatbed I usually use "Platen" and 300dpi for modest sized stuff. I also use it for slides and 35mm negs with the appropriate settings. I will have another look tomorrow and try to give more detail. What software do you use between the scanner and printer?

  1936 22:38 11 Apr 2010

I see no "advanced tab" on my scanner.
I am scanning the map to send a piece of it to the printer but I save it before that process and it is then that it appears totally insipid.
John bunyan,
I see no advanced settings.

  Technotiger 22:56 11 Apr 2010

My own scanner is an Epson, but the following is an extract from a Review of the 8400F, mentioning the Advanced tab!

Now to quality. In all honesty, the initial scans at 1200 dpi were not as sharp as I was hoping, just a touch off the mark. However, once I started experimenting with the unsharp mask in Photoshop, I produced results I am more than happy with. I would recommend turning off the Canoscan unsharp mask under the 'advanced' tab as it tends to produce 'waxy'-looking scans. I am scanning the majority of my collection at 1600 dpi and then increasing that to 3200 for any special images. I may review this decision, but if I scanned every frame at 3200, I still wouldn't be finished by the time I retire (the end of this decade).

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