Can't get Driver to work

  Tooling Enterpri 13:48 01 Mar 2010

I Have a Nividia Geforce 4 Ti4600 it will only work if i remove the driver i have even tried from this site click here

But it just blue screenes the pc till i remove it
i tried rolling back the driver but still no luck could the card chip have a virus?
or are the drivers playing up any one else have a problem with this card?

  GaT7 15:09 01 Mar 2010

The latest driver version is 93.71, so try an older driver version: 91.47 click here / 91.31 click here / 84.21 click here.

Also install the latest DirectX version click here before attempting to install any of the above. Upgrade download (smaller) from click here.

If no go, then you'll have to use whatever it works with. When you uninstall NVidia graphics drivers, Windows uses its own inbuilt NVidia/generic ones. Is it able to display the resolution you need? G

  GaT7 15:11 01 Mar 2010

Sorry, the full DirectX download link should have been click here. G

  Tooling Enterpri 15:16 01 Mar 2010

Thanks i will try those old Drivers if they don't
work i will stick with the window's one's they work well enough for what i do on this pc,

  Terry Brown 15:16 01 Mar 2010

I note that it has 3 outputs; DVI-I (Digital Monitor or Flatscreen),VGA (Standard Analogue) and a TV out).
See details below.
For this test we received a NVIDIA engineering sample of the GeForce 4 Ti 4600. The first thing that jumps to the eyes is the uncommon size of this AGP card, a whopping 8.5 inches long. The second thing you’ll notice is the brand new stylish and streamlined NVIDIA branded heatsink that covers the CPU. This new heatsink covered by a fan has been designed to maximize the efficiency of the cool down process. Surprisingly there’s no heatsink on the memory chips of the card. NVIDIA chose to use FBGA packaged memory chips that have the incredible property to remain almost cold even after intensive use. I’ve checked this out and I can guarantee you that after 5 hours of intensive benchmarking the memory chips were almost cold. The card we got was hosting Samsung memory chips that are 2.8v powered and could support a maximum frequency of 350MHz giving some room for overclocking.

In terms of connections the card offers three external connectors: one DVI-I plug to connect a digital LCD flat panel, one standard analogue VGA output and one TV output. The TV output cannot receive a Personal Cinema unit. However manufacturers can add on the GeForce 4 Ti 4600, the chip needed to support the Personal Cinema unit; unfortunately it’s not natively supported. The DVI-I output is managed by a Silicon Image chip while the TV output is managed by the usual Conexant CX25871 chip. The key detail is that you can now output the video signal on two monitors at the same time, à la Matrox ‘DualHead’.

Are you using the correct output for your monitor?,
Has it ever worked ?, what display did you get?.

have you plugged the monitor into the motherboard output, instead of the graphic card output?

The graphics Card is hardware and is (virtulay) impossible to get a virus on it.

  Terry Brown 15:23 01 Mar 2010

Crossbow 7's letter (and your reply) came while I was writing mine, so it seems to be a hardware /software compatability problem.

Possibly your machine cannot process the full graphics capability of this card, but will run on the windows 'generic'software.

  Tooling Enterpri 16:01 01 Mar 2010

Hi Terry I think a windows auto update messed it up as it used to work just fine when I’m finished working on it I will check my DirectX is up to date then try the old drivers.
I gave the card a good Hoover even unscrewed the fan & carefully cleaned it,
Obviously I grounded myself as to avoid static.

  Tooling Enterpri 16:21 02 Mar 2010

I think it worked so far so good

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