Can't get CCTV to work (messed with settings :( )

  AroundAgain 09:43 05 Apr 2018

Hi guys

I'm hoping you have some suggestions to offer ;)

I have CCTV cameras in back garden (for watching hedgehogs and other wild life) but I tried to play a DVD thru this TV, hence changed the settings to play the DVD.

However, I must have changed something else too, as changing the TV input options, I can't pick up the CCTV. CCTV is still plugged in as it was - I didn't change that. All I did was to add a scart lead to connect TV with DVD player. I've since removed that.

I've checked power & vga cable connected. I've also tried connecting using hdmi but no joy

I can't think what else to try. In case it's of any help, the cameras are Swann DVR8-4550 and TV is Hitachi 19LD5550U

TV is not connected to any outside signal, ie no ariel/dish so only used as 'monitor' for DVD or cameras.

As I've said above, I hope someone has some suggestions. I've no reason to think there is a fault, just that I've changed settings unknowingly.

Many thanks

  AroundAgain 17:50 05 Apr 2018


Thanks for reading. I have phoned Swann and, with their help etc, all is now working well. The reason it wasn't working was because, when selecting input, I tried all of the options except 'PC', thinking that option wasn't what I wanted. In fact, on selecting 'PC' (with VGA connection) all worked perfectly !!!

Anyway, I'm so pleased it's all sorted now. :) Unfortunately, there's no tick to indicate 'Solved'

  bumpkin 19:00 05 Apr 2018

* Unfortunately, there's no tick to indicate 'Solved'*

I would have suggested the same but you solved it so tick your own thread.

  AroundAgain 21:24 05 Apr 2018

Thanks bumpkin

Once you posted, the option to tick 'solved' has now appeared. Would seem that doesn't happen until another person posts.

Will tick it now. Many thanks :)

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