Cant Format Hard drive

  kat64 16:43 27 Jan 2007

Hi, I am trying to format my hard drive, I have saved all the files i need . I placed a startup floppy in the drive and when i get the promt i typed
in FORMAT C:/s a message comes on telling me that FORMAT doesnt work on C:
Please Help

  cappac 16:44 27 Jan 2007

what os are you using

  Pamy 16:48 27 Jan 2007

See "reformatting HDD" lower down page

  kat64 18:06 27 Jan 2007

Hi cappac,
I run XP pro. i have deleted a load of programs in Add/Remove. I think thats what messed it up.

  PaulB2005 18:09 27 Jan 2007

Just load in the XP disc and you'll get an option at the beginning to delete the old partition and make a new one. Then install XP onto that partition.

  PaulB2005 18:11 27 Jan 2007

Try these instructions - click here

  kat64 23:27 27 Jan 2007

I still cant format my Hard Drive. I type in FORMAT C:/s and i get the message: Format not supported on C:
Anything Else I can try?

  terryf 23:30 27 Jan 2007

putting in the xp cd gives you an option to reformat your hard drive as already stated otherwise download the 6 floppies from click here and boot up from no. 1

  Eric10 10:58 28 Jan 2007

It sounds as though you are trying to format your C: drive from within Windows and this is not allowed as Windows is protected from destroying itself in this way. If you boot from a Windows XP CD or the Windows boot floppies suggested by terryf then you are not in the Windows environment and can then format the drive.

In the first post of this thread you said - "I placed a startup floppy in the drive". The reason that it is called a 'startup floppy' is that you have to start the PC with the floppy in the drive (the A: drive needs to be set as the first boot device in the BIOS) so that the PC boots from it and your post doesn't suggest that you did this.

If you have an XP Pro CD then setting the CD as the first boot device and booting from that is the best option (PaulB2005 has already provided a good link on how to proceed with this) but if you don't have a Windows CD then I'm just a little concerned about what you are proposing to do after the drive is formatted.

  Eric10 11:04 28 Jan 2007

I've just had another thought. If your hard drive is formatted as NTFS then the 'format' usually found on a Windows 98 startup floppy won't touch it. However, an XP CD will be able to do it ok. The XP startup floppies suggested by terryf in his post will probably do the job too.

  kat64 22:36 30 Jan 2007

Eric: many thanks for that info. Owing to the fact that after I posted the problem on here things got worse and i couldnt even access my emails. Consequently I installed a brand new HDD and things are now great.
I will print out your advice and later on i will try to use it on the old HDD by installing it in a standby PC that i have.
Many Thanks

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