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Can't format in fat32

  zoobie 05:01 13 Jan 2004

I've made an old 2.4gb HD my slave but when I dos format d:, win98se chooses fat16 instead of fat32. The fat32 converter in windows can't format with a few bad sectors. Any suggestions on how to format d: to fat32? Thanks

  zoobie 08:09 13 Jan 2004

Well, I already did and didn't see any command line prompt for fat32. Windows can't convert to fat32 if there's a bad cluster sector...Guess I'll try PM...Thx

  zoobie 19:53 13 Jan 2004

Well, I just used Maxtor's Maxblast3 and it partitioned the D drive and formatted it to fat32. But the pics are all ruined...

  zoobie 19:58 13 Jan 2004

The partition info says:
Type:Primary dos
Volume Label:Drive_D


  zoobie 21:00 13 Jan 2004

Well, in another thread here, I mentioned that the pics in D drive's initial fat16 moved to C drive's fat32 and now back to D drive's fat32 have lost a lot of color and the point of not being able to read much print on them...bummer

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