cant find suggested driver updates

  pupae 23:04 12 Jan 2004

can any one tell me where i can find updates for my Dell laptop? i know the obvious answer is dell, but ive already been there and cant seem to find any. the reason i ask is because i had a pc pitstop check up and this is what they advised. the specs are windows 2000 proffesional with office xp,the system model is, latitude CPi A366ST the display is= neomagic magic graph 256av driver, resolution 800x600x60 hertz, instaled driver neo 20xx.sys. i want the updates for the display particularly as pc p,stop said its most needed. thank you in advance. ( i hope)

  sidecar sid 23:11 12 Jan 2004
  pupae 23:16 12 Jan 2004

excelent, nice one, and thanks your a hero

  sidecar sid 23:18 12 Jan 2004

You are very welcome

Sid ;-)))

  pupae 23:40 12 Jan 2004

how do i know if its worked ? nothing seems any different.

  plsndrs3 23:42 12 Jan 2004

If it's working .....

  hugh-265156 23:46 12 Jan 2004

dont worry too much about what pc pitstop tells you,if all is working well.

they lie...sometimes.

  pupae 23:53 12 Jan 2004

it was working,but pitstop said my display was not working up to scratch, but the display seems no different after update . im going to try restarting the comptr.

  sidecar sid 23:56 12 Jan 2004

Just as a matter of interest run the PC Pitstop tests again to see what they say.

  plsndrs3 00:01 13 Jan 2004

Sometimes diagnostic software like this can identify 'needed' updates that aren't really needed to justify their existence.

Sorry, my previous post was supposed to read 'If it ain't broken ...' I wouldn't worry about it - unless YOU can see that there is a problem and from your postings I would guess that this is not the case?


  pupae 00:17 13 Jan 2004

ok thanks taht seems to be the case no change after restart. so it probly wernt broke.

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