cant find ip address

  shauny36 18:02 30 Dec 2006

have just got my pc up and running after a major crash.
so have tried to get the internet installed, but have phoned aol for help but they tried doing a cmd prompt then ipconfig but no ip address apears or anything else.

so how do i find my ip address or get it back.

  >steve< 18:20 30 Dec 2006

do you have a router or are you using dialup if you are using a router log into your router config page, it is usually type this into your browser and make sure wan ping blocking is not checked.failing this you could try typing cmd in the run tab from start menu then try typing ip config/all if this does not reveal the ip address im lost hope i can help.

  Legolas 18:35 30 Dec 2006

You have to leave a space between congig and /all like this ipconfig /all

  shauny36 18:43 30 Dec 2006

have installed the internet on a old pc but if i setup the router for my new computer and it still doesnt work will it affect the router settings if i plug back in the old pc.

will it still connect to the internet as before.

  shauny36 11:05 01 Jan 2007

have tried the ipconfig / all.
it gives a load of info but still no ip addy.

then tried the config page but comes up cannot open search page.
i done both of these without the router connected would this make any difference.

  shauny36 20:54 04 Jan 2007

will i need to install something or is it possible to reset the ip having to use my old computer till i get my newer one to connect.

i am wondering if something is missing after the computer had a bad crash and had to format and reinstall every thing again.

could i have forgotton to install something

  Ashrich 21:03 04 Jan 2007

Is your Network card loaded correctly ? Check in device manager to see if it is working Ok , or even if Windows has found it , and you won't get anything to do with IP addresses without the router connected , there will be nothing to give it one .


  Technotiger 21:08 04 Jan 2007

Find your IP Address ...

click here

  shauny36 18:09 07 Jan 2007

have been into the device manager and the network adaptor is working ok, the ones that have a mark next to them are,
multimedia audio controller.
pci simple communications controller.
sm bus controller.

have tried ipconfig / renew
what else can i do or is it possible to put the ip addy in manually.

  Ashrich 22:49 07 Jan 2007

Do you get the message saying " Network cable unplugged " or something similar to that , are you using the same router to connect to the internet with the old computer ? Have you checked the network card is configured to get an IP address automatically ?


  shauny36 19:32 09 Jan 2007

yes using the same router/modem on both computers, but not getting any network cable unpluged message.
how do i configuire my card (SiS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter)
have got the ip addy for this pc, will this be the same for the other pc and if so can i put the ip in manually.

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