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Cant find the icon to get into PCA Forums

  Govan1x 11:08 31 Jul 2019

Seem to have a problem as i Cant find the icon to get into different PCA Forums

Also the hamburger icon is no longer there to sign in.

Is this something new on PCA or am I the only one getting those problems.

  Pine Man 15:26 31 Jul 2019

Good old TA, one step forward and two back!

  Pine Man 15:39 31 Jul 2019

Looks like you now need to sign in under the helproom sign.

Where is that?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:13 31 Jul 2019

Definitely no longer easy to switch between forums.

That will stop new users from asking for help

Might stop some of the spammers but I doubt it.

  Menzie 16:52 31 Jul 2019

I don't see the changes mentioned but I'm using mobile browser. Firefox to be exact.

  Taff™ 16:55 31 Jul 2019

Unbelievably they are trying to kill the forums off. No surprise there. Well If it persists I am going to leave altogether. My browser will not cope with the delay in loading the damned adverts - no longer any enjoyment from helping anyone I'm afraid - takes too long to type even this simple message

  john bunyan 17:34 31 Jul 2019

I mainly use Safari on an IPhone, with Adblock. No problems seen.

  wee eddie 17:54 31 Jul 2019

If it's just an Update, then a more competent Proof Reader is needed

  Taff™ 18:03 31 Jul 2019

I'll come back in a few days - if not sorted I'm gone guys!

  hssutton 18:49 31 Jul 2019

Appears to ber a total mess to me. Why on earth alter a format that works perfectly, unless there is an ulterior motive. Took me ages to log-on. Eventually clicking on 'More' then 'Forums' to find log-on. Mind you I am getting a little senile.

  Pine Man 18:53 31 Jul 2019

Took me ages to log-on. Eventually clicking on 'More' then 'Forums' to find log-on

...any idea how to log-out or where to view my account?

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