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Cant find the icon to get into PCA Forums

  Govan1x 11:08 31 Jul 2019

Seem to have a problem as i Cant find the icon to get into different PCA Forums

Also the hamburger icon is no longer there to sign in.

Is this something new on PCA or am I the only one getting those problems.

  Govan1x 11:11 31 Jul 2019

Tried Chrome and same problem.

  Govan1x 11:20 31 Jul 2019

A view of what I get when opening PCA

Click Here

  Govan1x 11:25 31 Jul 2019

Looks like you now need to sign in under the helproom sign. Then no way of changing forums.

Now I open up PCA from my favourites so not sure if that is what is causing the problem. Is it only affecting me.

  wee eddie 11:36 31 Jul 2019

You are not alone - I've emailed FE and told him.

Meanwhile: Click on "More" > Forums are at the bottom of the Dropdown List > but I can't access the Forums individually

  martd7 11:43 31 Jul 2019

Same here,thought it were just me, I'm on Chrome too

  wee eddie 11:48 31 Jul 2019

I'm on Edge, literally

  Pine Man 11:51 31 Jul 2019

They've been fiddling to 'improve' the site probably.

  JohnSmithK 12:02 31 Jul 2019

I'm on Chrome too. Click on "More" beside search option, there you will find the second last option "Forum" near search icon.

  Govan1x 12:02 31 Jul 2019

Ok wee eddie. Tried More and then forums then choose what one you want.That seems to work.

Its all a bit different but I am sure will get used to it.

  tonyq 13:10 31 Jul 2019

I too could not find the forums, till I discovered it was being covered by one of those annoying videos.

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