cant find a file

  stutrav 05:25 30 Sep 2003

I`ve d`loaded a couple of files to a folder and I csnt find them there

when I go to search it tells me that they are where they are supposed to be
I`m baffled

  stutrav 05:42 30 Sep 2003

found the file
its in C:\Documents setting\stutrav.Home-jl39xj51g6\desktop
and not C:\Documents settings\stutrav\desktop
Where could this be?

  MAJ 07:13 30 Sep 2003

Have you used Windows Explorer to navigate to C:\Documents settings, under Documents settings (click the little + sign) there should be another folder called "stutrav.Home-jl39xj51g6" and in that folder there should be a folder called "Desktop" which should contain your downloaded files.

  MAJ 07:16 30 Sep 2003

That should read Documents and settings rather than Documents Settings, either way navigate using Windows Explorer to the path.

  MAJ 21:12 30 Sep 2003

"it seems I have 2 desktops
but i cant access the one with all the letters and numbers
Any idea how I can combine the two"

stutrav, it might be easier to download the files again, only this time create a folder on your Desktop called "Downloads" and direct the downloaded files to that folder and no other. To create the folder, right click on a blank part of your desktop choose New > Folder, from the context menu.

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