Can't find ANY wifi on windows 10 or restore/reset

  soy-mcclure 17:00 11 Aug 2017

So, this is the third time I've suddenly had the issue of not being able to detect any wireless networks this week. The first two times I solved it pretty quickly but now those solutions do not seem to work.

The first time after numerous (failed( attempts of trying to do a system restore - or even a factory reset, they'd just fail halfway through and tell me no changes had been made but this first time it just worked again suddenly.

On the second occasion I simply went to the adapter settings, 'WiFi' was an option there but disabled, I simply enabled it again and that worked just fine.

However this time around it isn't there at all. I feel I've tried everything. Sometimes the WLAN drivers don't show up and then after disabling and re-enabling network discovery they do appear but this still has no affect. Even when configuring them / uninstalling / restarting. Plugging my ethernet cable into my computer gives me no joy either, it detects it but simply says it cannot configure a valid IP address.

There's also some absurdly long slab of letters and numbers entering into Command Prompt that supposedly solves the problem, not for me however. Doesn't even recognise it as a valid command.

Is there anything else anyone can suggest to make this issue of not being able to detect a single network go away for me? I am happy to do a factory reset of my PC if need be but like I said these just keep failing midway through. I understand there's some kind of harder reset if you use a USB stick, is this more likely to work? I would have tried it already but I just don't have access to a pen drive or any blank discs at the moment.

If I were to take it into a repair shop to solve the issue what kind of price would I expect to pay? I know that depends on what needs doing- whether it's just entering a few simple clicks or commands or whether a full hard reset of the computer is needed but an idea of what even the range may be would be good

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 11 Aug 2017

Right click start - commandprompt (admin) or Poershell (admin)


sfc /scannow

press enter and let windows do its thing it should find and replace any missing or corrupt windows files.

  soy-mcclure 19:15 11 Aug 2017

well it got to 61% and hasn't gone above that in a while, but it also has the system :32 // thing or whatever at the bottom of the command window. it said corrupt files were found but it was unable to fix some of them so finished or not it seems like i might have a problem. anywhere i can go from here?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:11 11 Aug 2017

If it won't reset then you are going to have to back up your data

and reser or clean install from a USB or DVD iso from MSoft

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