Can't enter bios

  gerry66 19:38 17 Nov 2006

I'm trying to get into the bios but there are only usb ports available for the keyboard and mouse and i think there is a problem with the usb drivers in the bios.
I'm running media centre and i cant enter the bios anyway. It just sits there saying "press TAB> for POST and press DEL> for bios.

I'm 99% sure there is a problem with the bios and to add to that i think there is a usb problem.

So, is there another way to fix the bios so i can go in maybe a boot disc or some other way.

Twice i have made it into the "boot From cd" choice but the keyboard does'nt respond.

please help!

  woodchip 19:44 17 Nov 2006

No it's a Keyboard thing. If this is a new comp. Take it back, and tell them you cannot get to BIOS with the Keyboard. Why do you think you have a BIOS problem other than USB does not work in a DOS mode?

  lotvic 19:51 17 Nov 2006

what is it that you are hoping to do when/if you do get into the bios.

what is the problem on your pc that makes you think it is the bios?

ps. I'm just guessing but if the keyboard has stopped responding, first check that the leads/connections at back of your pc have not become loose. (and check all the other ones as well)

  gerry66 20:04 17 Nov 2006

the bios takes 10 minutes to start if it does start at all. then i can't do anthing because the keyboard does'nt work.

  gerry66 20:04 17 Nov 2006

the bios takes 10 minutes to start if it does start at all. then i can't do anthing because the keyboard does'nt work.

  gerry66 20:21 17 Nov 2006

i'm trying to get into windows but i'm stuck at the "press <TAB> for post and press <DEL> for bios" screen. So what i'm trying to do is get into windows. But seeing as i can't get past that screen i am presuming the problem is with the bios or the usb drivers that stop me using the keyboard so that i can enter the bios. And no there are only usb ports and no standard keyboard ports.

  lotvic 20:41 17 Nov 2006

what are the computer specs and what make/model and how long have you had it.
Are all the fans working?
Have you tried using another keyboard? (borrow one)
Try plugging the keyboard into different USB ports

With the pc disconnected from mains check that the ram is seated properly inside pc.(take each stick out and then put it back in)

  Ashrich 23:18 17 Nov 2006

See if you can borrow a PS2 keyboard , if that works you need to " enable USB keyboard support " in the bios , some do halt on keyboard problems .


  Ashrich 23:19 17 Nov 2006

Sorry , should have read your first post correctly , it does say there are only USB ports available .....


  woodchip 00:11 18 Nov 2006

Try removing the motherboard Battery over night. switch power off before you remove it

  gerry66 13:06 18 Nov 2006

Hi lads,
its a scaleo media centre by fujitsu siemens. Like i said there are only usb ports available. Ive tried different keyboards in different usb slots(6 all in all). I think its the bios because that is taking 10 minutes to get past the <POST> <DEL> choices and then if you have the boot cd in it asks if u would like to "boot from cd"......"press any KEY" ( keyboard).
If i don't have the windows boot cd in then its the same as before(10mins) then windows starts to the "windowsxp" boot screen then nothing.
if i could get the usb drivers going I could get in to fix it with the keyboard, but the boot from cd option is not possible without the usb/keyboard options this is why i think it must be a bios problem because there is no working usb "before" windows kicks in.

Its a m8's pc so i'm going back to see what we can do now and i'll check back to see if there have been any more posts from you guys when i get there, if not then i'll give woodchips' suggestion a go and remove the motherboard battery over night.

Thanx again all

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