Can't email a scanned document

  butterball160 19:59 16 Mar 2013

I get an error message from Outlook Express every time that I try to send a scanned simple document. I have tried all of the suggestions on the Internet with no success. I have sent it as an attachment on my email and it still came up as an error. I have reduced the pixel success. All of my other emails are fine...just sending these scanned items. I also tried everything from the operation manual for the scanner. No luck. Any other suggestions?

  lotvic 20:17 16 Mar 2013

Is the scanned document a picture file that you have saved to your My Documents folder?

Are you sending more than one attachment at a time?

What is the error message you get from Outlook Express?

Have you tried sending an email with attachment to yourself as a test?

Please tell us in detail the steps you go through to email the scanned pic.

  wiz-king 08:50 17 Mar 2013

Scan the doucment. Save as jpeg or tff file of about 1Mb in size. Open a new email and you should be able to either insert into the body of the email or attach as an attachement.

If you are trying to send directly from the scanner - give up - it is less hassle to save the document first.

  butterball160 18:24 17 Mar 2013

I scanned a copy of a 3x7 certificate, not a photo, and saved it in My was in my Adobe Reader. I sent the email, clicked attachment, added the item and it was listed as an attachment on my email. I clicked send and then the error message came up that there was no recipient. But, I could send a regular email to the same address and it went through. If I added the attachment, the error came up that there was no recipient with that address. So I sent it to another computer in my house and the same error came up. I did not try sending it to the computer that I was working on. It was a PDF file. Instructions on the help pages said to be sure that it was a PDF file.

  woodchip 20:19 17 Mar 2013

Any Scanned Doc is a Image not text, so if you want to send as is you will need to send it as an attachment to the e-mail. or you need to put the Image through an OCR program to change it to text. you can the just copy paste to your e-mail client before sending it

  lotvic 23:11 17 Mar 2013

" Instructions on the help pages said to be sure that it was a PDF file"

What instructions are these - what help pages? (an attachment to an email can be any sort of file)

I am puzzled about Outlook Express giving you a 'no recipient' error if you add an attachment. Are you saying that the 'To' field suddenly becomes empty when you click on 'Attach' and browse to your file in My Documents?

Can I just make sure you are sending to a proper EMAIL address aren't you? I ask because you say you are emailing it to another computer in your house, and that doesn't make sense to me.

After you open Outlook Express: Can you tell us exactly what you do and what you click on, please.

(please remember not to put anyone's actual email address in your post or they'll get loads of spam - say it like this [email protected])

  butterball160 23:51 17 Mar 2013

I spent 4 hours yesterday attempting to email a scanned document. I first followed all of the instructions for the HP Scanner/Printer, but got the error message in Outlook Express. I checked all of my connections and everything was okay. I looked online for help. WikiHow said to 1-scan the document. 2-Save the document as a PDF as these files are readable by Adobe Reader. 3-Open Adobe Reader and see if the document will open. IT DID. Then they said there was a small button in Adobe Reader to email, but I got the Outlook error message again. I did check and recheck the address. The other computer that I sent it to has a different email address, and I send things back and forth easily (usually!). So back to internet help and one person said to just send it as an attachment to your email. And I thought Great..This is going to do it! Put the address in, wrote my message, clicked on the attachment, found it in Adobe Reader and attached it to my email (it showed up listed by name below the subject line and the attachment icon was on the we go.....send! Error--same thing, no recipient etc. I cried and then I went looking again for internet help. I think this is the website where I found the info to just send it by email. So, I put my problem out to see just what I am doing wrong. I can't believe all of the response that I am getting. When I email from a Word Document, I sometimes get this error message, but the message DOES go through and I thought this was probably the same, so I sent it to my other computer, it came up with the error message, but it also never got there. When I turn off the computer with the scanner, it says that I have unsent mail. So it is sitting in my outbox with the attachment in place and whenever I send it or to whoever I send it, it comes back error.

  wee eddie 11:24 18 Mar 2013

What size is the attachment that you are trying to send?

  lotvic 12:29 18 Mar 2013

Let's try clearing the decks.... Delete the 'failed' emails that are sitting in your Outbox. Tell us if that creates any error messages when you try to do it. Tell us if it does it okay and they are moved to the Deleted folder. Close Outlook Express.

Okay, there seem to be too many programs involved. There are several ways to send an attachment, this below is just one of them.

As a test, try this:

Do not have any programs open, you should just see the Desktop. Click on My Documents and navigate to the pdf file Do Not open it

Rightclick on the .pdf file and choose 'Send to' and then choose 'Mail Receipient'

A new outlook express email will open with the attachment already there. In the message body it will say: (not the smurf it will be the name of your .pdf)

*"The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments: Colour-the-Smurf.pdf"*

"Note: To protect against computer viruses, e-mail programs may prevent sending or receiving certain types of file attachments. Check your e-mail security settings to determine how attachments are handled."

Now in the 'To:' box either type the email address of who you want to send it to or click on 'Tools', 'Select Receipients' and select one from the lefthand side and then click on 'To:' and the email address will appear in the righthand side box, Click on 'OK'

Next on the email, click on 'Send'

Now open Outlook Express and the email should be in your 'Outbox' ready to send - so send it and let us know what happens.

  wee eddie 16:39 18 Mar 2013

Surely the easiest way is to open your e-mail program > write your e-mail > click 'Insert file' > select the file you want to send > click 'Send'

  butterball160 17:38 18 Mar 2013

To Wee Eddie: The size is just a one page scan of a 3X7" certificate. I did exactly what you suggest with sending the scanned document by email, did everything exactly as you said, and it came back with the error message. THAT is the problem! To Lotvic: I am going to try this exactly as you describe in your last post. Will let you know the outcome. Also, you had asked if I was putting in the email address correctly, and yes, I have tried several different email addresses as I am trying to send this copy of a tax exempt certificate to several different people who have requested it. I have sent regular emails to these same addresses, just cannot send this attachment to them by email.

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