Can't download Visa & Phone bill as .csv files.

  wint 10:46 28 Dec 2004

My new PC has XP Pro with SP2, IE6.

When I choose the link to download my Visa bill and 02 phone bill, the pop up box fills with a single cell Excel page, all data in the one cell.

On my other networked PC, the download happens as normal - pop up box remains and download dialogue opens and the file downloads to chosen folder.

Any idea how I can make my new PC act as normal?



  Zak 19:31 28 Dec 2004

In IE6 go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced, scroll down to saecurity and ensure that

'Do not save encrypted pages to disk'

is unticked. Once you have downloaded the file put the tick back.

That worked for me, so good luck.

  wint 19:50 28 Dec 2004

It already is unticked. Any other thoughts?

  Zak 20:33 28 Dec 2004

Just a thought place the sites in your Trusted Zone.

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