Can't Download SP3 ?

  Furkin 10:06 01 Jun 2008

Hi all,
I've just tried to install SP3 on my Aspire T120 (2g ram) XP home SP2.
It ran for about 30 minutes then stopped & said it couldn't install it.
It took about another 15 mins to delete what it had been putting on.

I was downloading from MS site. My XP is legit - bought from MS direct.

1/ any ideas please ?
2/ does anyone have a direct link to MS 'support' please ?

many thanks

  johndrew 10:36 01 Jun 2008

A lot of people have had problems with SP3 - if you put `SP3` into the Search Forum box above you will see what I mean.

You can download SP3 from MS at click here
You should read this click here
There was a link on this forum for MS free support but I can`t find it at the moment.

  BurrWalnut 10:38 01 Jun 2008

Here are a few links you might like to read:

Uninstall Internet Explorer 7 before installing SP3 click here

Microsoft support for SP3 click here

Steps to take prior to installation and error codes click here

  johndrew 10:42 01 Jun 2008

Found it click here

  blazingbadger 10:48 01 Jun 2008

I have downloaded direct from icrosoft and had no problems at all

  birdface 11:24 01 Jun 2008

Maybe try it with your Firewall turned off.You don't have Norton on your computer do you.There is a conflict with that.

  birdface 11:31 01 Jun 2008

Installing it,deleting it.I can see problems ahead.Maybe better just leaving it for a while before you try again.

  Furkin 17:04 01 Jun 2008

thanks folks.
I download it from MS.
I followed the link to MS Support (& added it to my faves) so will see what they have to say.

Of course it might just have been a glitch on the actual download.

I also looked at the link for 'Prior' info etc (thanks). I don't seem to be running anything listed there,,,, but it's quite a comprehensive list.
I've dropped MS a line - but feel sure they will say "'ave a look at the same page".

I'll have to study it better tomorrow - in the meanwhile I have another post running - about the slowness of 'link' accessed browsing, which is a bit more important at the moment. Please feel free to look at it - & comment.

all the best for now

  Furkin 09:40 06 Jun 2008

I decided to get a disc version & called MS.
Whilst I was waiting to pay by C.Card, the lady said that "it's around 6 pounds,,,,"
I replied "AROUND 6 pounds isn't good enough for me to give you my C.C details - I need to know the figure that you will be taking"
She said "well,,,, about £6 plus vat,,,, so say about £6.50"
I repeated "Well,,,, that's already gone up by 50p whilst we were talking and I still don't know the exact figure,,,,"
In the end, I did the arithmetic for her & said "£6 plus vat is £7.05 !" to which she agreed !

This is not the way that I expect companies to carry out their business,,,, especially with a huge concern like M.Soft.
I would have thought that any salesperson should know the actual price right at the start - and state it firmly, in no uncertain terms - so that the customer knows exactly what they are spending.

I was going to say "leave it - I won't bother" but as I want SP3 to keep me going until the next XP version is out,,,, I swallowed what’s left of my pride & paid up !

Am now waiting for an “about” time period for delivery.

  woodchip 09:52 06 Jun 2008

You are better not loading SP3 at the moment. I have removed it from my computer twice because of problems it created

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