Can't Download OE Backup

  Bapou 20:10 23 Jul 2004

I'm trying to download OE BackUp, it reaches 60% then a message comes up "Internet Explorer can not download OE BackUp - The Server has been changed".

I'm with BTYahoo and connecting via their browser both Outlook Express and the BTY Sign in Box automatically load.

Launching Internet Explorer instead of BTY Browser and trying to download makes no difference,same message comes up.

Is the reason because of the BTYahoo configuration or something else? I've never had any problem downloading a program before.

Your advice would be appreciated please.

  GaT7 20:36 23 Jul 2004

It's probably a bad link. Does this also happen if you try d'loading any OTHER file? Have you tried a download manager like Fresh Download? click here to download Fresh Download. G

PS - let me know the EXACT name of the file, e.g., oebackup.exe & I'll try to give you a few more d'load options.

  GaT7 20:38 23 Jul 2004

If you could provide a link of the program's homepage it would be very helpful.

  Bapou 20:56 23 Jul 2004

Thanks for responding so quickly.

The website: click here

Tried downloading the, (The Full installation with all support files).

Also had a go with oequickbackup (with all support files 2.6 Meg.

No joy on either one after 3 attempts.

  Bapou 20:58 23 Jul 2004

I've downloaded many a program, Spyware, Reg Cleaner etc. Never a bother.

  Bapou 21:10 23 Jul 2004

Just in case your ISP is not BT or BTOW I need to explain. When they became BTYahoo I was offered the option to download OE, (being my default E-mail, automatically with the log in to BTYahoo Browser.

I understand if requiring Windows Updates then BTYahoo Browser won't give access I must use Internet Explorer Browser.

This is why I suspect I can't get OE Backup either way because of this configuration.

  GaT7 21:29 23 Jul 2004

As it happens, I use BTYahoo as well but decided not to install their browser because of problems I'd heard of.

I downloaded the file with no problems (using the Win/IE d'load manager). I could find only one server that has this particular file, so is not dissimilar to the one you've already tried! But here are some 'alternatives' you could try to d'load - click here (direct d'load), click here & click here.

If they fail you could try with the d'load mgr I mentioned earlier. If you still have problems post back. As a last resort I could send you the file as an email attachment. G

  Bapou 22:23 23 Jul 2004

I don't know how but your first 'click here' worked, the page stayed blank yet the download started and all is well. From within the BTYahoo browser as well.

I appreciate your help very much and a big thank you for the attachment offer.

Have had a couple of problems with the Browser since the start but by and large it's ok and the Spam filter 'Bulk Folder' is an asset.

Thanks again.

  GaT7 22:28 23 Jul 2004

No problem Bapou. Glad that worked : ) All the best, G

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