Can't double-click in Windows XP Pro

  Gaz W 23:02 30 Jan 2004

This problem only started earlier today. I suddenly noticed that I couldn't double-click an email message in Outlook Express (which I don't normally use) in order to open it, and in order to get into them I either had to sit clicking the mouse repeatedly until it finally did open, or right-click and select Open.

This applies to icons, etc, outside of Outlook Express and is very, very annoying. It can take 15-40 attempts to click on some things to get them to open! This only started today and I have checked the Mouse settings (double-click speed) in Control Panel, restarted, scanned for viruses using AVG 6.0 latest update and am now scanning with Stinger (McAfee), but that hasn't found anything either.

I know for a fact that it isn't the mouse - it was working this morning.

Any ideas?

  Strawballs 23:11 30 Jan 2004

try system restore

  Gaz W 23:38 30 Jan 2004

I would try system restore as a last resort but don't you need a restore point to do that?

Also, I have just discovered that if I close any one of the programs running in the system tray it works for a bit, and then stops working again.

It does seem like a virus or something, but it hasn't been detected by AVG or Stinger.

I did install NetScape (for website testing purposes) yesterday, which also installed WinAmp. I doubt that will be the cause of problem since it's worked this morning up until the problem started this afternoon, but it's not impossible so I could try uninstalling that if you think it'll make any difference.

  jonnytub 23:40 30 Jan 2004

try checking for spyware from

  jonnytub 23:41 30 Jan 2004

that should read try checking for spyware using spybot from

  Gaz W 23:47 30 Jan 2004


Have got Ad-Aware and scanned yesterday, but ever since installing (months ago) have had trouble updating. Before that I had Spybot and couldn't get it to work!

I'll have another go with Ad-Aware - will probably uninstall it and reinstall a new one.

If that doesn't work I'll give SpyBot another chance!

  jonnytub 23:49 30 Jan 2004

i think it's worth a shot, however it's unlikely your double-click has been hijacked!!!

  wawadave 23:51 30 Jan 2004

you may have a virus.
try these online scans.
free trojin scan
click here
panda scan
click here
click here
nrav av
click here
virus scan
click here
avast cleaning tool
click here
mcafee avert stinger
click here
scans for open trojin ports
click here
test my sheilds grc
click here
dsl port scan
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pest patrol scan mediocre
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security scan
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  Gaz W 00:02 31 Jan 2004

Thanks for those links wawadave. Will try them straight away.

It's typical that whenever I see a new virus that's come out and I make sure my software is up-to-date, that's when I get one!

Haven't checked yet but as I say AVG and Stinger didn't see anything, and it's unusual for AVG not to find a virus, especially since I got the update a few hours ago and scanned then! They seem to have had 2 or 3 updates this week alone and I've had them within hours of them becoming available.

  splork 00:16 31 Jan 2004

is the computer running slowly in any other respects? you can check task manager and kill any tasks that are using large percentages of processor time, then locate the file and work out what its doing, and if you can remove it.
or maybe your mouse is broken :p

  splork 00:20 31 Jan 2004

disregard the bit about the mouse. a more technical approach is to download something like filemon from winternals, and check to see what files the PC is trying to access when you double click, if something is missing or being intercepted you can track it down. click here

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