Can't do a system restore

  Hetti 19:35 12 Mar 2005

I have had display problems on my PC, the desktop looks a funny colour and the icons are to big, i tried to do a system restore (4 times)and each time after the PC restarted it said system restore was unsucessful, why would this be?
In the meantime can anyone tell me what I should change my setting to for a correct display?

  Hetti 19:37 12 Mar 2005

Forgot to add PC runs win ME

  VoG II 19:43 12 Mar 2005

Right click desktop, Properties, Settings tab.

If that won't let you change anything, you need to re-install the drivers for your graphics card.

  Hetti 20:22 12 Mar 2005

Thanks, can you tellme what the setting should be changed to please?

  dublincity 21:10 12 Mar 2005

After right-clicking on the desktop, go --> Properties --> Appearance --> Advanced and find and change icon size and spacing and so on.

.......... not sure why System Restore fails but it will usually be fixed by disabling it (switching it off via System Restore Properties (in left pane) then re-enabling it. Unfortunately, that means losing all System Restore points but at least it will be functioning again .............

  Hetti 22:55 12 Mar 2005

Thanks all
I got the colours and desktop display sorted, but my pages on the internet are too big, this box I'm typing in is about 3 time's bigger than it normally is.

I did disable/renable system resore but it still will not carry out a system restore.

I will check back here tomorrow, fingers crossed

  sattman 07:15 13 Mar 2005

System Restore not working while it is shown as enabled is normally caused by one of three things. 1) You have not installed the System Restore update patch from the Microsoft Update site to fix the broken System Restore code.
2) The System Restore control files are corrupted to the point that it can not do a restore point.
3) You have disabled *StateMgr in the MSCONFIG Startup list. (ie. STMGR.exe not running).
In all these cases, the System Restore area files are invalid and need to be removed.
Update at the Windows Update site if necessary, make sure *StateMgr is running in
startup and do the disable/enable of System Restore to clear it.

If that does not resolve the setting of a Restore point, try booting the system with a Windows ME startup diskette and use the
to remove the whole System Restore folder. Windows ME will create a new one when you boot the system. Then check that it is enabled and you can set a restore point.
Note the underscore before restore

  dublincity 10:43 13 Mar 2005

My internet print is the opposite. It's too small and I'm using Zoom (on Ask Jeeves toolbar click here) at 200% too see this.

Click 'View', then 'Text Size' in the drop-down box then click onto 'Larger' or 'Largest'. Mine is malfunctioning so if anybody can suggest how to fix that - - thanks.

I changed my colours, icon sizes etc. but now the pop-up boxes (Dial Up etc.) are too small. What are they called? My monitor (and eyes!) are wearing out and I can hardly see anything.

There are free downloadable magnifiers but they need to be dragged across the page - slow going -ok for those with extremely bad sight ..........

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