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Can't dl wmv

  zoobie 10:14 09 Aug 2005

I like to actually test my videos once uploaded to my site in the .wmv format. Unfortunately, I can dl any other site's .wmv...just not mine. All I get is media player throwing an network error.

Since I've noticed people are dl/ing videos from my site to the tune of 150mb a day, is this enough to constantly (everytime) have media player give me a network error?

Case in point...a 1.11mb file I cannot dl -
click here

The above file either just stops at wherever if I right click then 'save target as' or media player will throw the network error.

Any help appreciated.


  zoobie 10:39 09 Aug 2005

Is there a way to uninstall media player and reinstall it without reformatting my disc?
I think this may be the problem.

  zoobie 19:01 09 Aug 2005

You know, I don't think it's WMP anymore...I think it's my hosting. My WMP9 is fine.

  zoobie 02:00 10 Aug 2005

I updated WMP and asked my host...

I'll try installing the new mp10 but I really don't want all that garbage they're selling in my box.

This reminds me of the time I went to the living room to watch a movie. When I returned to my computer, it had dropped a file by itself and wouldn't allow me on the internet.

So much for reliability.

  zoobie 05:28 10 Aug 2005

The music just came off the internet. I think it's around $50 per song but I'm not sure of copyright laws pertaining to non-profit sites.

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