Can't delete unwanted download

  lesava 21:20 26 Dec 2003

Can anyone help? I have somehow downloaded something called Start Portal which has installed itself in the programme files and automatically starts up an internet page which we don't want. We can't find it in 'add/remove programmes' to delete it but have deleted it from programme files. However, it simply reappears again. We also have a little yellow icon with a blue question mark being displayed on the taskbar. Any idea how to get rid of this.

Many thanks

  Big Elf 21:28 26 Dec 2003

Download Spybot click here

AdAware click here

Check out click here

  MidgetMan 21:28 26 Dec 2003

Ok, a little bit more info needed here me thinks. What internet page does it open? how did you download it? what operating system? have you tried to delete via windows explorer? post back and we will help. The referance to this I have found is a programme for PDA's but will keep looking.

  Big Elf 21:29 26 Dec 2003


  lesava 21:36 26 Dec 2003

Thanks for the prompt replies. It seems to download from
C:\Program Files\Startportal\Portal\portal.html

Not sure how it was downloaded, I was trying to download an MP3.

Have tried to delete it via windows explorer by going to C:\Program Files as above but it simply returns.

We have XP professional.

  Big Elf 21:48 26 Dec 2003

Download and run the programs from my links. Look like it is sypware.

Also update your Anti Virus just in case.

  MidgetMan 21:49 26 Dec 2003

Oh dear!!!!!! are you on dail up per chance??? only ask because it might be a porn dailler. Have had a quick look at the web site and not good. could be spyware so do as BIG ELF suggests, run all the usual tests, but at least its not a virus. Try deleting it manually then run somthing like regclean, do you have a firewall? if so block it with that. Sorry a bit rambling been at work since 5am today and really need some sleep!!

  spuds 22:00 26 Dec 2003

Download SpyBot and Ad-Aware as suggested by Big Elf. That should perhaps get rid of it.Be a little wary as to downloading any MP3 or similars. These can sometimes bring little but painfull surprises, especially if they come from dubious sites.

  woodchip 22:23 26 Dec 2003

Start/Run type MSCONFIG remove the tick under the startup tab

  lesava 23:09 26 Dec 2003

Thanks Big Elf,
SpyBot got rid of it (and 9 other bits of crud from the Cdrive) I'm very grateful and resolve to be more cautious in future

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