Can't delete Network Bridge

  InCog 17:13 31 Oct 2003

I have just acquired a Netgear ADSL Modem Gateway for my homework network of three PCs, all running XP Pro. Netgear Tech support told me to delete the Network Bridge MAC Bridge Miniport from Network connections. My son's computer, however, refuses to allow this ('an unexpected error occurred while configuring the network bridge'). His is the one which is playing up with dropped connections (mostly while playing games). How can I get rid of this disabled but undeletable file?

  AndySD 18:04 31 Oct 2003

Try removing then reinstalling the network card.

  InCog 18:34 31 Oct 2003

I don't think there is a network card - unless the computer came with one. Is that likely?

  AndySD 18:39 31 Oct 2003

How are the pcs networked or os his pc the only one connected to the web?

  Sir Radfordin 18:44 31 Oct 2003

I think its a problem with XP but could be proved wrong!

System restore was the only way I found to get rid of the the Network bridge.

  InCog 18:57 31 Oct 2003

The PCs are networked wirelessly. The Netgear Tech support guy did say it was an XP 'habit' of putting in network bridges where they weren't needed. The problem with doing a system restore is that the bridge has been there for months so a recent restore wouldn't get rid of it, would it?

  InCog 19:06 31 Oct 2003

The solution is is MS Knowledge base article 824922 - it works.

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