can't delete folders/files on External backup drive

  Dirty Dick 12:43 22 Jul 2011

I have a Maxtor External Drive, which I have set to back up all my work on a daily basis.

For some reason the drive is full, and it says the backups have failed. I am trying to delete all of the folders and start from scatch.

Hoever, I keep getting an error code (0x80070091) which says I can't delete that folder. I have tried stating in Safe Mode, but still can't delete. I don't want to format the drive as there isbackup softawre on it which I would lose.

If I drag the folder across to my desktop it copies and I can delete it from there. But the original stays on the external drive.

Is there any way I can delete these folders, and I.m sure thyere is a way of "Moving" and not copying to my desktop the original folder, and then delete from there.

Many thanx


  Dirty Dick 12:51 22 Jul 2011

Forgot to mention , running Windows 7

  robin_x 13:36 22 Jul 2011

You could try Unlocker or Move On Boot

There are a couple of other popular unlocking programs too.

I usually find it all in ends in tears on a stubborn file/folder and resort to booting a Live CD and doing it that way.

Linux Puppy is my favourite since it starts with a nice set of shortcuts to all your drives on the desktop, but any distro will do. (remember: Run from CD/DVD, NOT Install it)

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