Can`t delete downloaded file.

  applecroc 12:46 04 Dec 2003

Hi ,
downloaded a zipped attachement earlier and unzipped onto desktop. When I tried to delete it I get an error message saying file can`t be deleted as it is been used by another person or program and suggests closing any programs that may be using it and trying again. I`m not running any other programs so can`t understand it.
Any suggestions?

  Lozzy 12:47 04 Dec 2003

re boot then delete it..

  Diemmess 14:37 04 Dec 2003

This is Windows common response when trying to delete an OPEN file.

Have a look and see if the file is running somewhere in the background........... This is most likely if the "detail" shows it is an application or an exe or com file.

  cycoze 16:59 04 Dec 2003

There was a very similar thread click here recently , the poster successfully deleted his file using a program called DR delete , from click here (theres a download at the very top of page).

another program to see what running proccesses you have can be found click here .

  applecroc 20:18 04 Dec 2003

Thanks for all your help . Problem sorted.

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