Can't Defrag

  costlyspy 12:47 17 Nov 2005

For some reason I don;t seam to be able to defrag my 2x HDD. Their only small and when I've started it and left it over night it's still at 1%. I'm using Windows ME. Can anyone suggest anything.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:49 17 Nov 2005

Have you tried to do it in safe mode? That will make sure that there is noting running in the background.

To boot into safe mode, press F5 at startup until a menu appears.

  Strawballs 12:54 17 Nov 2005

If F5 does not work try F8

  Simsy 12:55 17 Nov 2005

that they're only small... how big exactly... and how much free space?

It might be that there isn't enough free space to be used while stuff is moved about... henc eit will take a long time.



  R Shaft 13:16 17 Nov 2005

At least 15% need to be free, another thing is to disable your antivirus when you defrag...



  costlyspy 15:32 17 Nov 2005

It seems to be working in safe mode although I did have to run scan disk first; which kept re-starting.

  Kenneth-266656 17:10 17 Nov 2005

Also make sure your screensaver is turned off.

  March Hare 20:00 17 Nov 2005

I gave up on my Win ME defrag because it was so wimpish and stalled at the slightest excuse. I switched to Diskeeper Lite (free) and never looked back.

Although the Win XP defrag is better than the ME one, I still use Diskeeper Lite one on XP.

  costlyspy 20:20 18 Nov 2005

It's worked in safe mode and I've managed to get both done. Cheers for all the suggestions.

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