Can't defrag

  fullywired23 18:55 21 Jul 2004

A friend has just phoned me and asked if I could suggest what might be wrong with his computer

It will not defrag or do a scandisc he is running Windows 98 they both show when he clicks on them but nothing happens.That's as much as i can tell you about it
Has anyone got any suggestions please,because I have never come across the fault before


  [email protected]® 18:59 21 Jul 2004

Try it in safe-mode

  wee eddie 19:08 21 Jul 2004


Safe Mode > Turn off Screen-saver > Start defrag > Wait about 20 minutes while it composes itself > Click Yes > Go out to dinner > watch all the back episodes of Friends > If you are lucky it's nearly done.

Otherwise go for Diskeeper Light click here

I'm told it'll do the job in 10 minutes!!!

  Podsville 19:12 21 Jul 2004

Try in safe mode,,, start it going, watch all the rubbish on tele, finish the bottle of red then go to bed... NO leave it running!

  pc moron 19:28 21 Jul 2004

To add to the above, if the Hard Disk is more than about 80% full your friend may have trouble with both defrag and scandisk- can't remember where I read this though.

  fullywired23 19:48 21 Jul 2004

Thanks to all who responded to my post I have e-mailed him your answers'I had already told him to download Diskeeper lite I use that myself and think it's good

regards to all

  Dorsai 19:51 21 Jul 2004

If he has not de-fragged it for a while the first go may take ages, at it may be quite a mess. You don't say how big the drive is, but at work on a Win98 system, with a 10 gig HDD it takes about half an hour, and it's done once a week.

Is he using Norton, or windows own de-fragger?

  GaT7 19:56 21 Jul 2004

For Scandisk, ask him to try running it in DOS, & opting for the full Surface scan (this may take a few hours so best kept running overnight!). G

  fullywired23 22:06 21 Jul 2004

Thanks to dosai and crossbow

I think he's using the windows defragger he didn't say how big his H/D is .He lives in France so now I am sending him e-mails and he has not responded yet but I send him all answers I'm receiving
thanks again

  wee eddie 01:18 22 Jul 2004

That the first part of the Windows Defragger is in fact a simplified form of Scandisk.

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