Can't decide between these two digital cameras!

  herc182 11:21 19 Mar 2005

I am tearing what i have left of my hair out!

I cannot choose between these two digital cameras:

Panasonic DMC FZ5
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Nikon Coolpix 5700
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Please help me decide (i dont want to spend over £300 really which is why i am a little put off by panasonic). any other alternatives welcome although i have extensively researched competitors and am not that impressed.

What i want is manual controls to tinker with, and very good photo quality (funnily enough).

What is attracting me about Nikon's offering is its excellent photo quality, 8x optical zoom and extensive manual controls. whats putting me off is the lack of an AF assist, image stabilisation and small LCD screen (not that big an issue!).

What is attracting me about Panasonics one is its photo quality also (although not as good apparently), image stabilisation, 12x optical zoom.

Is image stabilisation that much of an issue if its not available? i would need a tripod otherwise, and that is why i am really "feeling" the panasonic one.


  Diodorus Siculus 11:46 19 Mar 2005

Nikon is my preference by far - I have used one (my sister's 5100) on an occasional basis and I was pretty impressed. I am not so keen on Panasonic - the only one I've used, I did not like.

So, totally subjective but that's how it is!

  pj123 11:49 19 Mar 2005

How about the Minolta Dimage Z3 or Z5. Both around the £300 or below.

I have a Dimage Z1 (now superceded) and the results are very good.

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  herc182 12:03 19 Mar 2005

yeah i have looked at those cameras but their photo quality is not amazing and i am looking for 5mp.

Diodorus Siculus

I agree that nikon have good cameras and their photo quality is excellent (the 5700 has extensive manual controls...almost to the point of having a digital SLR!)

  herc182 12:13 19 Mar 2005

I am actually very concerned now after a few more reviews i have read (on the nikon 5700) and the all important USER reviews. apparently it is quite dodgy build quality and not very reliable (a lot of people speaking of repairs all the time). furthermore, the auto focus is really dodgy also. i think that might sway it for me.

  hssutton 12:14 19 Mar 2005

The FZ 25 is relatively new with not much info available.

What I can tell you is that many people on the photographic forums rate the FZ 20 with it's Leica lens as being a superb camera,the best of the bunch.

  Storik 13:13 19 Mar 2005

You'll find a review on the FinePix S700 which is what I have.

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(I think there are better reviews on Google too)

Like most goods it has it's pros and cons. I have had some excellent pictures from this camera, but it is extremely complicated once switching to manual mode and I found it hard to remember how to obtain certain menus etc. It also came with very little in the way of extras (in fact virtually nothing!)

However it's worth a look and I believe it is now under £300.00.


  Storik 13:14 19 Mar 2005

Should read FinePix S7000 - sorry

  herc182 13:49 19 Mar 2005

thanks. i looked at that one too. the drawback was that apparently there is a lot of noise in most of its photos...

unfortunately, i cannot afford the FZ20! although i wish i could.

the build quality of the nikon is worriying tho since i was really warming to it
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  herc182 13:57 19 Mar 2005

is there anyway i could find out more information on reliability of the camera? Are Nikon obliged to give me info regarding this?

I am very cautious as this is a big investment for me and i dont want to get something that will bugger up in no time.

thanks for your help!

  g0nvs 14:33 19 Mar 2005

On my first Nikon, can't see me changing back to other makes.

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