Can't create a servername logon file!

  Revi 16:51 04 Oct 2005

While having accepted Taran’s kind suggestion of yesterday I am also trying at the same time my hand at creating a pwd protected web page by using FP 2003. As per instructions, on the File menu, I click New. In the task pane I click More Web site Templates, and then I click Empty Website. Under Options, I type the location where I wish to store the new Web site in the following format: h t t p : / / servername/logon where servername is my ASP enabled server. When I click OK I get the following message: (Server failure: Cannot open “frontpg.lck”: no such file or folder.). Please note that while typing the server name I have used both the alternatives, that is with www and without it before the servername. What am I doing wrong that I am repeatedly getting this server failure message?

  Taran 17:06 04 Oct 2005

You want the short answer or the long one ?

If your web host supports ASP then you could use any one of a number of third party scripts to perform this: click here click here click here

FrontPage should be used with care when utilising its dynamic content capabilities.

It is a tremendously powerful program, but establishing a new web to connect to your live site with a view to creating password protected content is a rattle snake's nest of potential things to go wrong.

If you have Windows XP professional you can install IIS as an optinal component which will allow you to test ASP scripts on a live web development server on your own computer.

You should never, ever edit the content live on your web space. If something goes wrong at any time or your connection drops your site can be dead in the water and sometimes requires quite a bit of reconfiguring from the server support people.

  Revi 17:40 04 Oct 2005

Dear Taran many thanks for once again saving me from putting the wrong leg forward. My OS is XP Professional, if installing IIS does not mean jeopardizing my computer in any way can you please recommend a site where detailed instructions are given on how to install IIS?

  Taran 17:47 04 Oct 2005

click here

click here

It's a simple series of steps to follow. However, all installations carry a risk and you should always back up your vital data files prior to installing any software.

It only t akes a few moments to install IIS, after which you're pretty much good to go with ASP pages.

I sugest you add this site to your favourites: click here

It's a wealth of information for FrontPagers old and new.

  Revi 17:51 04 Oct 2005

Thanks for the help! Signing off now. Regards!

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