Cant copy photos

  Hetti 09:34 16 Jul 2005

Im trying to copy photos from my Pc to disc, but I get the message "The drive is empty or the disc is not writable" the disc is a Verbatim photo printable DVD+R can anyone tell me why this is happening?

  Taff36 10:05 16 Jul 2005

What make is the CD/DVD Rewriter on your system? Look in Control Panel>System> Device Manager - right click the Drive and see if it tells you there or click here download and run the free Belarc Advisor. It will tell you there. It may be, for example that your writer uses DVD-R discs and may not be "dual layer". Post back and we`ll tell you.

  De Marcus 10:21 16 Jul 2005

Could be a number of reasons as Taff36 points out. If for example your using xp to drag n drop the photo's it won't work as xp only has the built in ability to write to cd's and not dvd's. If that's the case then there are plenty of free dvd burning suites out there.

  Hetti 11:08 16 Jul 2005

Thank all
The drive is NEC DVD RWND 3500 AG [CD ROM Drive]
and the second is

  De Marcus 11:20 16 Jul 2005

what burning software are you using?

  Hetti 11:37 16 Jul 2005

I do have Nero, but I was trying to copy with Win XP, not The Nero software wil this be the problem?

  john-232317 11:44 16 Jul 2005

click here for info on media discs. I always use -R, the only time I had problems was with +R.

  Taff36 11:59 16 Jul 2005

Try using the Nero Software to burn the disc. If it doesn`t work have a read at this link click here It may be the solution but you might want to find out the current firmware on your writer first and ensure you know exactly how to do the upgrade.

  De Marcus 12:38 16 Jul 2005

If you've been using xp to try and write your photo's then this is where your problem is, xp doesn't have support for writing to dvd's, it only has built in support for writing to cd's. Use nero to write the photos to the dvd as a data disk.

  €dstowe 12:55 16 Jul 2005

Can I ask why you are putting photographs on to a DVD?

A CD will hold several thousand photographs so the much higher capacity of a DVD will enable it to hold lots, lots more.

I my mind, this is taking a big risk if, for example the disk were to be damaged - an example possibly of having "all your eggs in one basket"

  john-232317 13:29 16 Jul 2005

Verbatim photo printable DVD+R just means that you can print a photo on the face of the disc, like a DVD film you buy.

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