cant copy hard drive containing xp

  timerep 18:27 31 Jul 2003

i am doing an upgrade for a friend who has windows xp on a 20 gig western digital hard drive. I have tried the western digital discs for copying and drive copy by powerquest for copy everything gets about 90% to 98% done and it either freezes or a drive reading error comes up.I need to make a copy of this drive so I can go ahead with building the new machine and my friend can continue to use this one untill I have completed the new one.Help!!!!

  polar_king 20:00 31 Jul 2003

put the xp disk in first and let it just format the new drive

  timerep 20:11 31 Jul 2003

If I do that ie put in the xp cd in will it format the drive or do I need to enter aspecific command.once done can I then use one of the copying methods that I have already tried.I did try to put the two drive into the machine and via my computer got xp to format the drive but when I set things back up to do the copy the same thing kept on happening ie two thirds then it gives up?

  jimv7 20:40 31 Jul 2003

Use norton ghost.

  polar_king 20:48 31 Jul 2003

check to see if friends xp is ntfs or fat 32 first, then to be on safe side, fdisk the new drive, note, if you have formatted the new drive to ntfs, then in fdisk, you have to delete 'non logical drive' before creating primary drive

another thought, is your own machine capable of running xp, I tried to install it on a low spec machine, and xp told me the comp wasn't up to it, and stopped installation. if so, piggy back it in friends machine temporarily to do the fdisk etc.

  timerep 20:55 31 Jul 2003

friends computer is just about capable of xp the main drive to copy is fat32 and the drive to which Ive tried to copy is also fat 32 i have tried to do the copy linked to another high spec machine and the only difference is it does it in 30 mins instead of 1.5 hours and the same thing happens goes about 98% of the way and gives up

  timerep 21:38 31 Jul 2003

have just downloaded xx copy will this work if I format the new drive with xp first then run the xxcopy?

  DieSse 21:43 31 Jul 2003

You only say a drive reading error comes up - but you don't say what. It may be a read only file that cannot be copied, or it may be a real read error on the source drive, that no copying program will get past.

Can you post the error you get, then perhaps we can figure out how to get round it.

Simply trying to copy again and again is unlikely to acheive anything.

  timerep 21:56 31 Jul 2003

I will set it up one more time get the error and post up full details in the morning thanks for help thus far I hope we can sort it out tomorrow.

  Wak 08:02 01 Aug 2003

I use XXCOPY all the time to do complete back-ups and find it very fast and easy.
Providing the new disc is formatted OK then XXCOPY should work by going to Start/ Programs/ MSDOS Prompt/ then enter:-


where C:\ is the old drive and D:\ is the new drive.
(Note the space between the first \ and the D)

  timerep 09:19 01 Aug 2003

Thank you wak, I am copying the drive now with western digital data lifeguard tools disc.i selected partition and format then copy the existing partition over if this does not work I will try the xxcopy.Failing that I dont know what to do.I will come back on again in about an hour once this is finished or not as the case may be

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