Can't connect wirelessly to BT Broadband

  dognabbit 11:30 22 Nov 2005

Hi, I've set up a speedtouch 510 modem to a Linksys Broadband router and connected via an ethernet cable to my desktop pc. All is okay there. Next I've tried to connect my laptop to the Broadband connection using a pcmcia card. I can get a good connection, but am unable to fire up the internet. Don't know whether it's a software problem or what. Can't download any BT Broadband software, because i cant connect. Anyone else had problems ?. Any help would be appreciated,

  BigMoFoT 12:05 22 Nov 2005

As it's BT BB it's going to be ADSL, all ADSL routers have built in modems...
Just wondering why you have connected your modem to the router (Unless it's a BT thing of course..)

I think you may have purchased a DSL router (Cable, NTL) instead of an ADSL router...
Can you confirm what tou have bought? If you have indeed bought an ADSL router then you won't need your modem - your ADSL line will go striaght into the router

  dognabbit 12:29 22 Nov 2005

The router is a Linksys Wireless-B Broadband router (Model BEFW11S4). Instructions say connect to modem.

  BigMoFoT 12:46 22 Nov 2005

This router is a cable router. When it says connect to modem it means connect to the set top box modem that NTL & C&W users have. Unfortunatley you have bought the wrong type of router - i'm sure your not the only one to have done so :-)

Any Linksys product with BEF is for Cable Broadband...

  mgmcc 15:04 22 Nov 2005

To be honest, I'm not sure if the Speedtouch 150 is actually a single port "Router/ADSL Modem" or just an ethernet modem.

You probably can connect a "stand-alone" Cable/DSL router to it, but if the Speedtouch is a router allocating LAN IP addresses by DHCP, the Linksys will get a LAN IP address for its WAN address (i.e. a WAN address in the 192.168.x.x range) and in turn it will allocated LAN addresses to the networked computers.

Therefore, you need to ensure that both devices are not allocating IP addresses in the same subnet. In other words, if the Speedtouch uses the subnet, the Linksys will need to use a different one, such as, otherwise there is going to be a conflict.

  dognabbit 12:17 23 Nov 2005

My laptop can connect wirelessly, with excellent signal strength. I'm just unable to log in to BT Broadband. Is this likely to be because i need to update my BT software, or problems with my set up ? Should i try to connect to internet via a direct cable connection first, to ensure software is working ?

  BigMoFoT 12:29 23 Nov 2005

You have purchased is specifically for DSL such as NTL Cable etc and not ADSL such as BT. However we need to more about your modem - mgmcc states that it could be a single ethernet port router, meaning you can connect your PC directly to the modem via an ethernet cable. The modem would be then responsible for logging into BT's ADSL service.
With regards to your laptop connecting wirelessly to the router with excellent signal strength - that is fine. The problem is that the router you have purchased is not controlling your internet connection . With most routers you plug your phone line directly into them and do away with your modem - but since you have bought the wrong type of router this is the problem....

This making sense?

  dognabbit 11:02 24 Nov 2005

Things do seem clearer. It looks like the router may be the problem. However, if i go back to my usb modem and connect the router to the pc with an ethernet cable, will i be able to access my internet connection from my laptop wirelessly, via this network connection ? I understand that if this worked, i would have to have the pc logged in, but that is what i need, as junior wants to use inernet at the same time as myself.

  mgmcc 12:00 24 Nov 2005

You can use the router as a basic "Network Switch" and/or "Wireless Access Point" in order to share the internet connection with the laptop.

Connect the router to the PC with an ethernet cable into one of the router's LAN ports. Access the router's "Setup" pages by entering its IP address in a web browser and disable its DHCP server.

Enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the actual internet connection (the modem connection) in the "host" PC and this will configure the Local Area Connection with the fixed IP address and subnet mask

When the "client" PC connects to the router, either by ethernet cable or wirelessly, it should get an IP address in the same 192.168.0.x subnet and be able to get online.

Any firewall software needs to be configured to allow access to the networked computers in its "trusted" area and, if using Zone Alarm in the "host"PC, the Internet Zone Security level needs to be reduced from High to Medium or ICS traffic will be blocked.

  dognabbit 12:42 24 Nov 2005

I'll try this when i get chance. Thanks in advance mgmcc.

  BigMoFoT 14:27 24 Nov 2005

things even more simpler - send the router back and specifically buy an ADSL router, put your modem in the drawer and forget about it. COnnect your phone line to the router and away your go.

Trust I made the same mistake as buying a DSL router when I have ADSL...

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