Can't connect upstairs on wireless

  alucard12 16:23 03 Aug 2008

Ok, so i'm pretty frustrated about this. I used to be able to connect upstairs in my room on my desktop an Acer AM5100 just fine. This spring however i lost connection and it never came back.

Now i have to setup downstairs and I am less than 5 feet from the router. I have updated the firmware which i found helps with signal strength but i still can not connect upstairs at all while my brother can in a room across the hall.

Please help me.

  brundle 16:27 03 Aug 2008

Make and model of router, encryption method, OS of your machine and your brother's machine....

  alucard12 16:32 03 Aug 2008

linksys WRT54GS, not encrypted, we're both on xp

  brundle 16:34 03 Aug 2008

No encryption? Checked any MAC filtering settings on the router? Does the network show up at all when browsing available wireless networks?

  alucard12 16:35 03 Aug 2008

no mac filter, and the network shows up, but i don't connect to it

  brundle 16:39 03 Aug 2008

What error message do you get?

  brundle 16:40 03 Aug 2008

Is the signal strength still OK when the machine is further from the router?

  alucard12 16:40 03 Aug 2008

it stops at "connecting to wireless network"

  brundle 16:44 03 Aug 2008

Can you connect if your brother's PC is off? How many others are using the network?

  alucard12 16:48 03 Aug 2008

i can't connect if his is off and we have 4 total on the network

  alucard12 16:49 03 Aug 2008

oh, i missed one of your responses up there, the signal strength stays steady as far as i can tell, i can't really move my computer around a whole lot to see how far i can go

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