Can't Connect New PC to Internet through Ethernet

  Reviewedge56 01:59 07 Jun 2017

I just finished building my new PC and Im now trying to connect it to the internet through ethernet. I have everything plugged in and it recognizes it is plugged in, but then Windows tells me it is an "unidentified network" and I have no internet connection. What things are you supposed to do when trying to connect a new PC to the internet for the first time? What should I do? Thanks!

  Govan1x 08:43 07 Jun 2017

Try turning the computer and the Router off. Maybe wait 20 seconds before turning the router back on once that has booted up normally turn the computer back on and see if it picks the ISP address up then.

It is something to try till others can give you further advice.

  alanrwood 09:21 07 Jun 2017

Unidentified Network could be your antivirus/firewall blocking access. Turn it off and try again. Just an idea based on the error message.

  q33ny 11:25 07 Jun 2017

What windows your have? Make sure the IP is DHCP not manual unless you don't have a router.

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