cant connect laptop

  carnoustiejim 19:48 22 Apr 2010

hi im trying to reconnect my grand daughters laptop to the internet i have 2 laptops and a desktop running. the lad from the shop set them up to the internet via router
her connection has been down for a few days
i tried to connectgoing to the wireless network connection and pressed connect but it did not pick up the wireless setup can you tell me how to fix this thanks kirriejim

  peter99co 20:07 22 Apr 2010

You need to check the router is broadcasting.
If the ssid is hidden the laptop will not find it. Maybe once it has connected you can hide it again.

  carnoustiejim 20:46 22 Apr 2010

hi peter99co thanks for reply can you explain what you mean as im a novice to wireless networking
my pc and wifes laptop connected
grand daughters laptop was connected thanks kirriejim

  woodchip 23:59 22 Apr 2010

The Shop Router will be set different to yours, Go to Control Panel Click on Network Connections\Make New Connection Wizard

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