Can't connect to internet using my wirless router

  jp136 08:37 29 Apr 2009


I've recently bought a wireless netgear router and am trying to connect a computer running vista to the internet.

I can connect to the router and the internet when connected with a network cable, however when I try to connect via wireless I hit problems - I can't connect to the router/internet.

On the router: I connected to the router with a network cable and clicked wireless settings, then entered a Network Key (WPA security encryption)

On the computer: Under network and sharing centre, I click connect to a network, I choose my router/network and it prompts me for the “Security key or pass phrase” I enter the pass phrase I created and set for the netgear router (the Network Key) but it wont connect.

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? Am I entering the correct key/pass phrase? I did not setup any other pass phrase so cant see anything else to enter.

Any help much appreciated

  dms_05 10:04 29 Apr 2009

I'm afraid Wireless is a bit of a black art and you problem may not be the Password procedure. You may have another network nearby on the same Channel, you may have interference from another appliance (DECT phone for example) or even a Bluetooth device.

I'd start by changing the WiFi Channel. Move it to the another number (1,7 or 12) and try that.

You may even be better using a manual address for your adaptor (say with submask

Try some of these things and post back.

  jp136 09:07 30 Apr 2009

I changed the wifi channel I was using and I also changed my pass phrase and I'm now able to access the internet :)

Just so people know, I changed the wifi channel and was still unable to connect, I changed the wifi channel a second time and it all started working.

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